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The Real Reason the U.S. Invaded Libya

Via Break the Matrix. Thanks Trevor.

Iran came under attack in 1953 when it’s elected leader wanted to trade oil in something other than dollars. Saddam Hussein came under our attack at the exact time he wanted to stop trading oil in dollars. And now Gaddafi wants to stop trading oil in dollars and look what happened to him.


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Poor Libya, and Gadaffi, what an awsome

country it could have been, but the powers that be could not let that happen, it would have taken from their wealth, and power.


We can't afford to pay more for oil, but we can afford war.

How many miles per gallon

Does an F18 use again?

And the new Tomahawk missles have an electric hybrid model, right?



Important stuff!

The Gadaffi hate and "dictator" claims are propaganda.

He doesn't hold much power, parliament does. Recently people chose sides between Mahmoudi(parliament) and Gadaffi (figurehead of Revolution) because Mahmoudi is a US puppet and is trying to stop efforts the formation of a Libyan Constitution by Muammar and Saif Gadaffi. I hope Gadaffi beats NATO/Mahmoudi's arses..

That and it was a strike at China's activities in Africa

Libya and Pakistan, prelude to WW III

China is all over Africa with raw material extraction projects. China also want's access to Pakistan's ports.


good find


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