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The Ron Paul Plan

If we want Ron Paul's campaign to take the next step, we need him to develop a REAL platform for what he'll do in his first 4 years. He focuses too much on the ideas of liberty, rather than the practical legislative steps he MUST OUTLINE in order to achieve those ideas. Here's what I would do;

#1. Bring our troops home.
#2. Allow competing currencies.
#3. Work To Enact Rand Paul's Budget plan.
#4. Replace Ben Bernanke as head of the Fed.
#5. Replace Timothy Geithner as head of the Treasury.
#6. Make Social Security Solvent. Fix It.
#7. Suspend Income Tax To Stimulate Economy. (Massive Stimulation!)
#8. Let Young People Opt-Out Of Social Security.
#9. End minimum wage.
#10. Destroy the Patriot Act.

Focusing on these goals, rather than just ideals, will help people understand what he would do. We must strengthen the foundation of our country by eliminating debt, strengthening the dollar, ending departments and allowing competing currencies. Also, STEALING the issue of FIXING social security would be awesome. People who don't like or fear Ron Paul, are scared he'd "take away their social security". Well, no, he has a plan to save it. RUN ON IT. Suspending the income tax, is done to get the people used too it.

I'm sure everyone will have their own list, but these seem somewhat doable and get us on the road to repair.

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for consideration.

Thanks. If I had special

Thanks. If I had special powers I'd forward it to Ron Paul. ;)