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Congressman Paul Discusses Debt & Ceiling on Fox 5/26/11

Congressman Paul discusses the debt and raising the debt ceiling with Bill Hemmer on Fox News


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He Called Him "Sir"

How many times did he call him "sir"?

Dr. Paul gets way more respect than he used to.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

"Sir" is not respect on the news

It translates to "crazy man". You're right though, he is getting more respect in general.


Thanks for posting.

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
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Want to see the debt clock

Want to see the debt clock roll backwards? Vote Ron Paul 2012!

This Guy Is A Big Prick!

I don't like the tone of this interviewer Hemmer. He comes across to me sounding like a "BIG PRICK." No?

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Hemmer has an agenda.

This was the same guy who showed the 2010 CPAC audience to Ron Paul in 2011 and wanted a reaction to the booing. Agree with you about this guy. He is.

"However, before anchor Bill Hemmer introduced a segment concerning the story, Fox News played a clip of the 2010 announcement of the poll results, during which Mitt Romney supporters had loudly booed Ron Paul’s victory, passing off last year’s footage as representative of this year’s event."


maybe so, but...

He put him on tv, showed a poll where ron is in 3rd position nationally and pretty much didn't interrupt him.

So if that's his version of being a prick i can deal for now. I think for now ron has to take any interview that puts him in front of that many people.


After the last campaign I didn't even notice the interviewer being condescending. But DRRP still came out on top.