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Yard Signs and Banners?

Hey everyone. I'm wondering if anyone has any lead on who, if anyone, is handling the distribution of yard signs, banners, and bumper stickers for the 2012 campaign. I've already seen some of the signs on TV and in pictures. I can probably get 100 yard signs distributed right away around Portland, Oregon. I am a PCP with the Republican party, so I do have access to lists of voters and others who are active within the party. There is a strong Libertarian contingent in the party around here.

Has there been any micro precinct polling? Is that something that needs to be, or should be done? I was thinking of walking through my precinct to all the R, L, and C houses and asking folks if they wanted a sign or bumper sticker.

I've never paid attention or been involved with any Presidential campaign before, so I don't know how any of this works. Are there state or regional coordinators?

Any info, help, or advice would be great!

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better luck getting some grassroots signs

Before seeing the ones the campaign has any time in the near future. No one really has yard signs just yet. That's where the revolution comes in.

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