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Inflation is coming

I was at the grocery store last night and I overheard a man sweeping the floor say "McDonald's is going up". I asked him what he meant by that and he said they're raising their prices this week. Inflation came up in conversation between him and the cashier because the cashier was changing the prices on gum at the register. She said all the packs of gum went up 10 cents, except Trident went down 4 cents.

I couldn't help but think of the interview the CEO of Walmart gave in late March predicting coming inflation for consumers. In the same article, a retail strategist said in June retailers across the country are going to start raising their prices.


Prepare NOW!

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Just purchased a new

fuel pump for one of my trucks. Just over two years ago I purchased the same pump for another truck. The latest one was 84% higher in cost.

We are spending almost 30% more on food and fuel than we did last year.

I believe inflation is here.

Think there wasn't inflation before?

We've been having inflation -- they've been reducing the amount of goods put in packages (but keeping the package the same size) while keeping the price the same. That's still inflation -- stealth inflation!

I own a car audio store....

Over the past couple months I have received 3 letters & two notices.
1st Letter from Sony. Sony has increased all product prices across the board by 2-5%. They also have eliminated the 2% discount if we pay on time.
2nd Letter from Kenwood. All special promotions or discounts have stopped. Increase across the board 2-5% due to dollar devaluation.
3rd Letter from Audiovox Corporation/Jensen 5% increase across the board.
4th Letter (Not here yet...was warned today) June 1st from Rockford Fosgate Corporation, 5% across the board increase.
5th Notice...Our wire supplier 10% or more across the board increase.
This is Worldwide price increases. Inflation is here. This is happening now. This is just the Car Audio industry in the past 90 days!!....5 huge companies with across the board increases.

In my business we have had

In my business we have had price increases every 21 days.
We are working on the 5th one this year going into effect on June 16th. Oh but greed says its deflation in his opinion.

1 long radius 1"1/8 copper fitting. $6.78.

copper is very high, people are stealing it from a/c and refrigeration units.
silver solder is now $2 per stick. motors, everything is way up.

Dude, thats a deal! I just

Dude, thats a deal! I just bought ten 3/4" OD long radios 90's for $7 each at the wholesaler.

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