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Cindy Sheehan thinks Hugo Chavez is some kind of hero

Hugo wins 8 consecutive elections and is part of socialist party. Why on earth would I want Sheehan in office or with any kind of involvement with campaign 4 liberty?


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for a better understanding o f current events


there will be no pardon from hell

Its hard to believe ...

people are actually on this website defending "hugo chavez". Unbelievable.

Boy you trolls come out of

Boy you trolls come out of the wood work dont you? hey clark Kent- get bent.

Everybody has a right to be wrong.

Why are you demagoguing this issue?

Free includes debt-free!

I signed on just so I could vote this stupid thread DOWN!

Get the story straight, Clark_Kent.
Boy, you're no Superman. You're just a typical Mainstream Media reporter.

"I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this any more!"
- Howard Beale

Thank you Maddy...

I may not use the word HERO when referring to Hugo...but he is way above Obama and 90% of the clowns we call elected officials.

He is a common peoples president...and the global elite cannot handle it. As they own the media, just like here and there and everywhere...he is bashed and slandered daily at home and abroad.

If you want to know what side of the fence Sr. Chavez is on...take a look at who is constantly attacking him. If he was the "bad guy" ... run away socialist ... he'ed be loved by the globalist criminal scum.

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You've got to love the

do gooder socialist/progressives on this site. In most the Latin American countries including Venezuela there is a 1-5% super rich oligarchy in charge of the "common man" or the 95% in poverty, not middle class, poverty. Sounds like a hoot!

Thank goodness for Hugo to watch over that "common man".


I read a accurate comment about her on a thread a few days ago. The commenter stated something to the effect that Cindy is all for ending US wars and oppression abroad but she is all fine and dandy with the statist oppression by big government on it's own citizens here at home.

She is not a liberty lover or a freedom fighter, she's just anti-war. Hypocrite to the nth degree.

Here's a more accurate comment for you.

As Cindy explains: “We are not anti-American, we are anti-Imperialism”. She just plain got tired of all the misinformation spread here in the USA about President Chavez and the people’s Bolivarian Revolution. For only one example, the National Endowment for Democracy (an Orwellian named agency receiving federal money to subvert real democracy) spends millions of dollars every year in Venezuela trying to destabilize Chavez’s democratically elected government. Meanwhile, back at home in “the freest nation on earth,” we enjoy a President who keeps us safe by killing American citizens (anywhere in the world) who are only suspects – without trials!
Somehow, I doubt this interview (or this observation) will be noticed or covered by the Mainstream Media.

"I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this any more!"
- Howard Beale


Cindy needs her head checked. Hugo Chavez established a socialist party and "democratic" process of his own ideologies and basically handed himself 8 consecutive elections. Sorry but I DO NOT believe any form of centralized government is a good one. Oppression is caused by statism.

They were fair elections

We might not like who won, but it is none of our business.

So what are you saying?

what do you know of Hugo?

that the post about cindy sheehan is a joke.

and the people who bury my comment are no different than those on DIGG.com.. that website is overrun by liberals who love to bury comments that oppose their views.

So you come here and demand.........

what exactly?