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CNBC Video Ron Paul

Got this from Harvey Organ Blogspot. Recent video with Ron discussing Fort Knox, and much more. Good.


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Elitists can't understand the centralization of authority is....

.......harmful at every level. Thanks for posting this video.

The interviewer kept saying how defaulting would make China and other countries not want to borrow from us. We borrow from them. He should have been saying lenders, not borrowers.

This system is going to crumble within a few years

"This system isn't working anymore, and it's going to crumble within a relatively short period of time, within a few years, I believe."

- Ron Paul, CNBC, 5/25/11

Scary part of that statement.

He's almost always right. In fact I can't think of anytime anyone has ever proven him wrong beyond a reasonable doubt.

Yeah, it makes you think

What if he is right again? A few is only 3 right?