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Spain. It's on !

Latest from Spain. Thank you user "donvino"


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Missing the Point

The Eu had plenty of cash for the banksters and that has removed funds from the coffers faster than the "socialists". Austerity would not be implemented if it were not for the banksters, but keep your left/right divide going. Works great buddy.

Where did the EU get the cash

Where did the EU get the cash from to give it to the banksters?

From the taxpayers.

The socialist protesters want the government to give them jobs and money. Where will the government get it from?

From the taxpayers.

The only thing the government can do is steal money from some people and give it to others.

The banksters are not the problem. The government is the problem, because the government legalizes theft and violence.

As long is there is government, there will always be banksters asking the government to give them free money.

As long as there is government, there will always be socialists who expect the government to give them jobs, healthcare and welfare.



"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

The Governments are the Banks and the Banks are the Governments

It is as simple as that. One cannot work withoutthe other. This is a worldwide banking kleptocracy. The banksters create more debt that can ever be paid back thanks to negative interest rates and zero reserve banking. The governments enforce this fraud and then bribe the population with the proceeds to get elected. It is as simple as that. These protestsw, however, should be aimed at the IMF and European Central Bank.

The governments and the banks

The banksters create more debt that can ever be paid back thanks to negative interest rates and zero reserve banking. The governments enforce this fraud...

It's the other way around. The government makes the law that allows the banks a monopoly on money. The law excludes competition in money. The law is enforced by the guns of government. (See Ron Paul's effort to legalize competitive currencies.)

These protests, however, should be aimed at the IMF and European Central Bank.

Asking the IMF and central banks to be nice and stop counterfeiting and robbing will get no results.

Instead the people need to realize where the problem originates. It originates by giving government a monopoly on law. This incentivizes the government to write laws that give themselves and their friends power and money.

No one institution should have a monopoly on law. There should be a free market in law and courts.

See my post here.

Even further back, people accept the bribes then elect bad men.

They imagined that they deserved the good life, and the banksters fed off the people's selfishness.

The protesters should look in the mirror. Is what they are demanding reasonable or even responsible?

Very good commentary. Thanks Limelemon!

Free includes debt-free!

Either Way

The force of the polie is not called for. Thugs. Paint balloons and spray paint make a great tool for blockingthe view ofthe guards. Jack booted thugs regardless ofthe "attack the socialists" mentality. These cops are the tool of oppression either way.

Over the years police provocateurs do the most damage.

That is then an excuse to attack the innocent.

I agree violence by the state is criminal.

Free includes debt-free!

These Beatings Started

Without anyone, protestors or provocateurs, doing a damn thing. So sick of the world-wide police state.

The provocateurs are paid goons of the world-wide police state


Free includes debt-free!

I agree

I agree. The cops are 100% in the wrong. They are initiating violence against innocent people.

Will the courts find the cops guilty? No because they have a monopoly on the law -- including in disputes involving themselves.

Also true.

Also true.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels


The police is using teargas and sticks to get rid of demonstrators on Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona.


I guess 'they' want civil war.

thank you

I added your link to the topic

I fear that...

Europe is doomed.

We're pretty much all socialists here in Europe.
When angry people demand more statism, I don't think this is going to end well... at all.

Well put

I agree.

USA is the last frontier for freedom and liberty. It is eroding fast but people are also waking up fast, so it is the irresistible force meeting the immovable object.


Good to see that filth administration leave soon. The country is mired in an economic cesspool thanks to those jokers that have been running the place.

The people their have it within them to make the necessary adjustments imo.


I want to see Spain back as a vibrant and clean country again along with Greece, Ireland, and Italy...although it might be too late for central and southern Italy...just too much decay imo.

Hopefully, family farm agriculture will make a big comeback in all these countries against the expressed wishes of the 'communists' in Stassbourg and Brussels.

ie. Imo family farm agriculture gives rise to capital and hence investment. There is really no incentive to industrialize -ie. debt and taxes- in these places so they should get back to basics.



Countries are starting to lock arms within. Next they need to lock arms together. Then the US needs to do the same and when we are ready the rest of the world will save us a spot, so we can join in force and


All I can say is...

where do I sign up, I am so done with what our goverment is now, and I am ready.

We must lock arms an refuse to borrow their fiat money.

The lifeblood of central Banks is the loans to governments. Governments are like morons, they have no business borrowing money.

Free includes debt-free!

NWL: New World Liberty

Liberty is the freedom to come to order. Order ordained is slavery.

Free includes debt-free!

Cool, I like it.

Imagine the bonds it would build. I think the common man gets it, despite what we are taught.

Thanks. The good thing is it is happening

And each generation that tends to it can keep it new.

Free includes debt-free!

Yeah like Jefferson said about refreshing the tree of liberty.

We are on the precipus and it could go either way, but I prefer to see the world to stand together against the tyranny.

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I wish them well; if only they understood

that the way to stimulate jobs is to gain freedom from government control.

Will they see that government is the problem not the solution.

Who borrowed billions for the taxpayers and stuck those taxpayer the interest on that debt?

Who feeds off taxpayers with their salaries and pensions?

They should understand what they are asking; Some history in Spanish:

Rulers will stop at no lie, nor shun any atrocity they can get away with.

Free includes debt-free!