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Lez get real.

it seems they don't want the money spigot turned off. but they do like small local government...Hmmm.....

The editorial also noted that “The more idologically strident Republicans who dominate the party at the national level would not countenance that sort of cooperation…..At the national level, the minority has greater opportunity for obstructionism.” They most certainly do. In the United States Senate, Rand Paul of Kentucky has threatened to destroy the national credit rating and push us past a recession into a full-blown depression by filibustering the debt ceiling increase vote unless the House and Senate pass whatever it is his Libertarian fantasies and his Tea Party fanatics think the budget should be. The filibuster has become both a weapon of choice for obstruction as in the blocking of 300 bills in the past two years’ Congressional session, or the cudgel wielded by one spoiled brat with no sense of reality.


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nobody cares about the lesbian point of view?

I should have posted this on a Friday.

Honestly, what could I say to top that piece?

"We elected a President who is not an ideologue, but a man who understands the nature of the 21st century,"

The one whose mom worked for the World Bank for Geitner's dad?

Is that his qualifications?

Free includes debt-free!

your aura is filled, with images of the Earth mother. Gaia.

and when your resonate frequency is in tune, you will vibrate in harmony! you will become and be, emitting waves of positive energy!


Your on a roll!

This makes up for the assault of the OP.

Thanks for the laugh!

Free includes debt-free!