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"NRA Joins Mitch McConnell Against Rand Paul and Gun Owners for America"

Article link to Reason online.

Have you ever known the NRA to be as gutless as they are now? They are worthless.


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I gave up on the NRA

when Clinton was president.

GOA all the way! They back both Pauls.


dbl post

the NRA has been riddle with purse dogs for MANY years

the GOA is where it's at


did anyone read the NRA's response letter?

....from my understanding they basically said they don't support Paul's amendment because:

1) so far it seems the "Patriot" Act hasn't been used to abuse gun control

2) if Paul's amendment passed, the gov't would simply seek other measures of requiring

3) its poorly written!?!

Okay so...because it hasnt been used to abuse gun laws and because they would simply use other methods to obtain gun purchase records we don't support the amendment.

They Were Arm-Twisted

Item 1: they were told it hadn't been used that way
Item 2: they were threatened that if it passed, the congress would seek other measures the NRA wouldn't like
Item 3: the usual wiggle-room excuse

It's a typical political sandwich designed to gag the NRA.

Someone in Congress called them up and said, the GOA are on the other side, you must help us or else.


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Yes, this surprised me.

Yes, this surprised me. Washington is a cesspool. The right thing for our constitution is ruled out because of procedure, or delivery or writing skills. The Patriot Act (the entire thing) should be repealed. It does not belong in our country. Period. They want Rand to tow the line and cozen up to people to "get or retain power". It is so obvious how corrupt and snide these governors are. It is just plain wrong.

If anyone here has a

If anyone here has a membership with the NRA, cancel it now. send a letter to GOA, JPFO or another pro-second amendment organization and ask them to create a public letter to the NRA asking them why they would oppose Rand's amendment. Send a letter to the NRA asking why they would become advocates for the feds looking into your transactions to buy firearms. Clearly, this is just about a last minute scramble to pass the patriot act to get other Republicans on board with the NRA's validation, but we need to put this on record. This is beyond just a position of compromise.

Unless you are a liftetime member

Wouldnt make sense to revoke a lifetime membership, as that gives you voting rights and no further investment is required. Not that the NRA seems likely to be reformed at all, but lifetime members have nothing to lose by trying. Get involved in NRA governance and try to get some decent people at the helm of the organisation again instead.

But yeah, my NRA membership lapsed 20 years ago and I wont give them another penny as long as they remain a gun-control advocacy group in disguise.

I think that is a fair look

I think that is a fair look at it. I'm not too familiar with the ranks of their voting as far as how easy it is to change it from the inside, so if you are more active in the NRA, you probably know a little more about it than I do. But, I leave that for the individual to judge for themselves. As for me, my membership expired long ago as well, so I will try to hold them accountable for their statements and positions on Rand's amendment.

I don't know. If it's possible to end your 'life time' membership, depending on how dedicated you are to the NRA, that might be a pretty strong message as well.

How to respond...

Here's how true Arizona pro-RKBA enthusiasts have been handling "the NRA issue" for well over two decades now: Create distance.

1. Whenever someone mentions the NRA, seeking your approval or agreement, just politely say, "No, thanks - I don't support 'gun control' organizations." (A good argument has been made that we would not have had NFA-34, GCA-68 or Brady without NRA machinations.)

2. Anytime you send a letter to the editor or contact your elected reps about an RKBA issue, tack the following phrase onto the end of your message: "No, I am not a member of the NRA, nor does it speak for me." (Credit that one to the core committee of the AZ CCW '93-'94 campaign.) The media and the Congress always consult the NRA for opinion on issues; they need to understand that the NRA does not "represent" all gun owners.

3. If the NRA offers to "help" your project, politely decline. You really don't need to get laser painted for targeting that badly.

The NRA was founded by Union Officers.

Have you ever seen a Jefferson quote in an NRA publication?

I dropped the NRA and joined GOA several years ago, but those

bastards call and hairy ass me to rejoin..I told them don't call me ever again. Take me off your phone list please.

The problem is not the NRA.

The problem is not the NRA. It is the traitors who are currently running the NRA. This treasonous leadership needs to be replaced.

kinda like the traitors

kinda like the traitors running the Republican party.

+ 1


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this pretty well flushed the NRA out of the brush.

We' ve been warning people for quite some time that the NRA cannot be trusted at all, at all, at all.

Now it is clear that the NRA is NOT a pro-gun organization nor is it a 2nd amendment rights organization, but it is a substitute for the real thing, designed by devious minded men to supplant the real thing.

Hardly anyone was more critical than me of some of Rand Paul's positions during the recent election. I note, however that he is in there fighting and doing a great yeoman's job.

NRA taken over long ago

The NRA has been worthless and compromised by the Establishment long ago.

The GOA is the biggest and most powerful no-compromise pro gun lobby. I've donated to them for years.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

The NRA has always been a

The NRA has always been a tool of gun regulators. Now, it is nothing more than a house organ for the Repuglican establishment.

I am in no way surprised by this. Not. in. the. least.


Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under. -- H.L. Mencken

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Isn't the NRA's opposition to this the

equivalent to the "Hair Club for Men" shaving their heads?

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.


I use to be a member 30+ years ago...And yeah..I want a refund

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

I called NRA-ILA while Rand was waging his battle today...

... and asked them what their position on Rand's amendment was. The lazy sounding voice on the other end said they would look into it. I told him that the vote was imminent and asked why he did not already know what the issue was and already taken the obvious position of supporting Rand's amendment. He just kept repeating himself, as though that answered my question.

Well, if my question was "Are you trying to sabotage the Second Amendment, and with it the American Republic?", then his non-answer was a resounding, screaming "YES!!!"

I will not support the NRA any more. I will continue to support GOA, JPFO (JPFO.org) and so far from what I have read "National Association for Gun Rights" (Dudley Brown) also appears to have it right.

Would appreciate any first hand info on NAGR here, since my exposure to them is limited.

The NRA is an absolute disgrace!!!

Their organization appears to be interested in taking up the interests of gun regulators, and selling those interests to 2nd amendment advocates.

All of America should be told, that if the NRA supports any firearm related measure, it is likely on behalf of government interest at the expense of the people's liberty.

I do not own any firearms, but I understand why the people should own weapons, and the government has no just authority to be involved in the people's property ownership.

With friends like the NRA, who need enemies!

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

They gave themselves away in the '08 election

when their publication, American Hunter magazine, featured a picture of every single Republican candidate on the cover....EXCEPT, of course, Ron Paul.

They couldn't have advertised their true, big-government leanings any better.

This is a very, very, very good sign ...

If you believed in Ghandi.

They have now chosen to fight.

Agreed. If owners of

Agreed. If owners of firearms want to politically organize....try the Gun Owners of America. Never compromise, never cave. Just like Ron Paul.

That's why I left the NRA 20 years ago

They are the "National Republican Apologists", and their allegiance is to Republican power-mongers, not to gun owners.

Scum bags!

Has the word gone out to your local GOP?

Why isn't the GOP supporting innocent gun owners from invasions by the government, at the governments whim.

Is there any proof or study that indicates this loss of liberty will bring any security?

Or are we simply giving up liberty for nothing.

The terrorist bogeyman created by Fox news has never proven to be a threat. What? None have died yet of this so called threat. More have been killed by their medications this year that those allegedly killed by the Fox New's bogeyman over the decade.

So all along the GOP fought the Soviet Union because we wanted to be like them. Well maybe Bill Buckely, Mitch McConnel and a few others. I think most the rest had no such wants.

Free includes debt-free!

Paging Ben Franklin

Those who give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither...

It seems the sage of Philadelphia has something to say to people today. Pull out of the NRA, urge friends and neighbors to do the same, and give the second Amendment REAL support from and with Real gun owners and second Amendment activists!

The NRA "fighting" gun control is just a fundraising racket!

Like the endless other groups dedicated to "fighting" AIDS. "fightiong" cancer, "fighting" diabetes, "fighting" drug abuse, etc result in some politicians being elected--and empty pockets for everyone else. Look at their RESULTS--after many years, and act accordingly!

Then find--and do--somthing better!

David K. Meller

"The worst thing that can happen to a good cause is not to be attacked successfully, it is to be defended badly". F. Bastiat

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, finally they attack you, and then you win"! Mohandas Gandhi

the NRA sucks


the NRA "sucks"!

No it doesn't!! It compromises, it sells out, and it castrates!!

Time to reclaim the Constitution, the II Amendment, and keep one's powder dry, people! And the NRA is NO help!

David K. Meller

"The worst thing that can happen to a good cause is not to be attacked successfully, it is to be defended badly". F. Bastiat

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, finally they attack you, and then you win"! Mohandas Gandhi