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Update: Operation Recovery Deployment - Welcome to Ft. Hood

Welcome to Ft. Hood

Coverage and analysis by Al Jazeera

In late April, Lt. General Donald Campbell, Jr. took command of the Army's Third Corps and Fort Hood, the largest and most deployed military installation in the United States. On General Campbell's first week at work, we sent him a letter requesting he meet with representatives of our Operation Recovery Campaign about the ongoing mental health epidemic raging at Fort Hood. Since then, we have gotten no response from the General's office. Will you help us grill General Campbell?
Help Operation Recovery sit down with Fort Hood's General Campbell by sending him an email now.

As the new Fort Hood Commander, General Campbell has the power to stop deploying traumatized troops and get service members the health screenings and treatment they so desperately need, but first he needs to know the scope of the problem. During his first month at his new job, let's put the issue of traumatized troops at the top of his agenda.
For more information about Operation Recovery visit http://www.ivaw.org/operation-recovery

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US military suicide rate exceeds combat fatalities

Thank you, Bane, for all your efforts and the update. I emailed him this video:


More U.S. soldiers and veterans have died from suicide than from combat wounds over the past two years. The latest research indicates that suicide recently has surpassed combat death as a cause of mortality in the military.

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