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Meetup Groups are not active

Is there something that I am not aware of? My meetup group is inactive..the last message board posting was May 13th. I look at a Meetup group from New Hampshire (not my state) because I want to travel to NH for the primary debates in september only to find that the NH meetup group message boards are also inactive. Last posting may 13th..exact same post from both meetup groups..2 different states. "RON PAUL HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED!" is the title of the posting. This disturbs me. Where are the grassroots?Who are the grassroots and whos running this campaign? Why are the meetup groups identically posting stuff and remaining inactive?

anyone...please inform me where the grassroots are?

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Most are inactive at this

Most are inactive at this point. So simply send out a mass email inquiring over a date when people would like to meet up and discuss strategy regarding precincts. See what kind of response you get.

Regardless of a good/poor email response, schedule a meeting in a meeting room at your local library. Don't forget to post the meeting on the meetup group website bulletin board. See who shows up. Maybe you'll see some familiar faces or maybe you'll see new faces.