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Desperate times call for....

I think it would be a good idea to approach the followers of other candidates, including Barry's, simply about 'Freedom.' A carefully-crafted message detailing how our liberties have been eroded, perhaps videos of the 'police state in action,' information about the Wars, etc. - - and call for a specific, united act of peaceful rebellion. No party affiliation, no specific candidate mentioned or endorsed. Something that is lawful, that anyone can do, yet will be very visible and impactful when it is done.

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That is exactly what I do with the hardcore

Obamabots. I work on issues, undermining their confidence and pointing out flaws in their policies, especially unintended consequences that they mostly have been blind to. I point out the matrix, the mainstream media and status quo cultural biases. These are all invisible to the average Obama supporter, it's easy to reveal the truth. Deal with principles and facts, calmly as if they are already on the same page wanting freedom and peace.

There are few instantaneous conversions, people HATE to give up their cherished biases. It is incremental, and destroying their loyalty to the manipulators and liars is the first step. Later I talk of general libertarian principles and solutions, especially uplift of a vision of life with no coercion but unlimited, unpunished independent creativity and productivity.

If they are receptive I'll talk of RP's integrity, track record, and his humane vision of peace and freedom. Step by step is easy, but some minds are not open. Don't waste time, find those that are seeking truth.

Fairness in Media - The only way Ron Paul will win.

Converting people from idiocy one-by-one is a long and tiring process. And it's one that we MUST engage in. But the job becomes much easier if you have backing from the lamestream media. Face it, crappy coverage was the main reason Ron Paul lost in 2008, and it will be the main reason he loses in 2012 - unless we do something about it.

How much easier to change someone's mind if they've already seen a half dozen news stories fairly covering Ron Paul? How much harder if all they've heard is that "he's a nut"?

It all starts with the media.

End media prejudice against Ron Paul in 2012.
Signup at http://boycotts4paul.com
or discuss at

People vote for people

People vote for people because they think they'll get something. What we have to show those who do not support Ron is that anything they want, they will get with him. Freedom always is the best solution to any problem.

I believe

That people vote like it is a horse race and selecting the winner is the object of the game, NOT selecting the best leader(s). I have said for some time now that if freedom and liberty were to ever return MOST folks would not even recognize it!

With freedom and liberty comes the need for one to be personally accountable for his/her actions and not expect the government to come and bail them out when they screw up. It scares the hell out of people that they would have an obligation AND a duty to take care of themselves without entitlements and government "gimmes". Take charge of doing things to protect this country instead of waiting on the government to do it? Oh, yeah, you can get arrested for shooting folks crossing into the country illegally. Makes it kinda' tough to do much protecting. ANOTHER of governments barriers!

Dr. Paul is the ONLY one with this vision and the guts allow it. We MUST educate people to recognize this!

RON PAUL 2012!

Give us clear vision, that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.
~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947

Excellent Insight

It's true. Most people are so shallow, they just want to be on the "winning team". It could be the return of the Nazis, and they'd vote for it (so long as you didn't actually CALL it "the return of the Nazis, because, you know, even the dumbasses know that "Nazi" is a bad word).

That will change a bit when the economy crashes, the government crashes, the dollar crashes and suddenly none of the government programs are funded. Complete breakdown of social order is a real possibility.

That's when most people will "wake up" to discover that "something's wrong". A little late, I think.

That's why we have to push for fairness in the media, so even brain-dead couch potatoes have a chance to learn the truth about Ron Paul before it's too late to save America.

End media prejudice against Ron Paul in 2012.
Signup at http://boycotts4paul.com
or discuss at

In Ron Paul's words:

Liberate Freedom

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul