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Enjoy safer grilling this year with rosemary and dark cherries

For many of us, spring signals the start of grilling season. Unfortunately, grilling meat and cooking meat at high temperatures result in the formation of chemical compounds which may increase the risk of cancer. This year, if you find the urge to fire up the barbecue irresistible, addition of either of a couple of common food items can greatly reduce the formation such dangerous compounds: rosemary or tart cherries.

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Also, check out this delicious raw vegan burger recipe:

Many may believe that eating a healthy raw food or vegan diet would preclude eating such things as burgers, especially grilled burgers unless you want to opt for one of the bland cardboard soy burgers. Such is not the case with a bit of ingenuity and the right recipe. And, as an added bonus one can make a tasty raw food substitute burger without having to resort to dangerous soy.

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(Nothing political I know, but hey - gotta keep our troops healthy, right?)

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