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American soldiers didn't die for freedom, they died for the government

It is not my intention to offend anyone. But on Memorial Day, we always hear how American servicement died in service of their country. I disagree. They died in service of the government. We have never been threatened. All that America's wars have done is kill innocent foreigners, sacrafice Americans who thought they were doing their patriotic duty, and destroyed the liberties of the American people by centralizing power in Washington.

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Growing up a military brat, I

Growing up a military brat, I know these guys are just human and most joined for selfish reasons...not to protect liberty, nor to help the ruling class.

They were, like most young men, trying to scrap together a life for themselves and their families...and the military delivers.

However, I look at the older ones differently, the ones who fucking know better but turn a blind eye and join the plundering of whatever area they are in.

For the record, I do believe in a strong defense, but anyone who looks at recent US military history objectively must see its imperialistic activities.

a wise man said

they died for bulls...!

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Perfect point to make on Memorial Day

So sad so many have willingly died for evil -- nearly as sad, though not as numerous, as the many who were murdered by Empire invasions.

they died for...

I'd argue that most of the recent KIA actually laid down their lives for Lockheed Martin's bottom line.