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GOP Up To The Same Old Dirty Tricks?

This article from NewsMax is about the GOP actively and hurriedly changing the voting rules in at least 13 states in order to make sure that voters are "qualified".

It mainly refers to Democrats' concerns that young black and latino voters will be disenfranchised. My concern is that the GOP may be carefully crafting rules designed to keep the huge numbers of young democrat and independent voters who are wanting to support Dr. Paul in the 2012 election, shut out of the process. Is the GOP running scared of Dr. Paul again, and looking to shut out his supporters yet again?


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I have come to the conclusion...

that the establishment GOP would sooner shoot them selves in the foot than get behind a real conservative like Dr. Ron Paul. And they could care less what the TEA Party people do as long as they can con them into supporting "their" chosen candidate's. To which most of us would say...FAT CHANCE. They have one person already running that holds about their only shot to win against the Obama billion dollar campaign. And the fake GO-pee party fronts are tossing about potential train wrecks like Herman Cain and Donald Trump, while the mainstream GOP is touting candidate's like T-Paw and Smitt, and mention Palin, Bachman, Rudy 9:11, and what was that?? Another democrat. Rick Perry? I mean, just what the heck are these people drinking anyway? Ron Paul doesn't even belong in their field of dreams. Thank God he has never even hinted of stoopping to their level.
The one good thing we have to look forward to is that many of us have been out here educating America for going on four years now. And the Ron Paul base has grown, no matter what the GOP would like to believe. The fake TEA party is fake, and the member's with the brains know what it's all about. I have the honor of being kicked off of two of their goofy sites already. I should get an award for that.
We're working on number three right now.
I think those folks love to hate me...
Or...hate to love.


The growing list of GOP candidates

I really think the GOP fear of Ron Paul is driving this endlessly growing list of candidates. Anybody who listens to his "Last Nail" floor speech has got to conclude that this is the ONLY guy out there who is laying out the ugly truth for anyone who will to look at.
I think that scares the hell out of the GOP/NWO leadership.

I can imagine them making private calls to all these motley characters, begging them to run and offering monetary support up front if they will. And of course, they are tripping over their huge egos at the chance to get on stage.

Their only purpose is to flood the field with guaranteed Dr. Paul naysayers who will gang up on him like a pack of rabid dogs in the debates and try to make him look stupid.
This is just a ploy to confuse the republican status quo sheep, that they have a candidate for every quirky personality worshipper out there.

In the end, they will all drop out like flies after the damage is done to Dr. Paul's campaign, on a pre-arranged time frame or on cue from the party, leaving only their main offering and Ron Paul. Maybe one or two others to make the primaries seem interesting to idiots.

Why Not?

It's the "same old dirty" GOP!

Give us clear vision, that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.
~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947