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Secret Morgues in Joplin Video

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As far as non-elected mayors...

the woman who posted this at her blog is shocked that Joplin does not have a "freely elected" mayor. It is not uncommon for communities to elect council members at large who then decide who wants the (thankless?) job of mayor for a term. I don't know about other states, but this is the case for many municipalities in Washington. Big cities, like Seattle, elect the mayor as the mayor rather than an at-large representative. She should have done a bit of homework before being distracted from the main point of her post.

Phil. 4:13

What did they set out to videotape?

Dead bodies? Only the next of kin can consent. So the MSM is usurping family's rights to get ratings. This is just the start.

I remember Weather Channel crews being arrested for filming inside people's homes without permission after Katrina, they literally broke into homes and filmed the interior in the name of "free speech". This stuff can really be distorted.