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urging Dr. Paul to make deals with us progressives but here is a suggestion in the other direction. Tell Sarah Palin that she can have Interior Secretary if she stays out and endorses Dr. Paul Tell Herman Cain he can have Commerce if he gets out and endorses the same. Give Huckabee something too. Do this and get enough of us to jump on board and you can tell Romney or some other neo-con clones to eat the dust that's stinging their face. Might even tell Huntsman he can have UN Ambassador. Of course The neo-cons will throw every weapon they have to stop Dr. Paul should he get a good lead early on. And if he survives that assault, he's got the Democratic corporatists who will do the same and more if need be. That's why after the nomination is won he has to offer Labor to Kucinich and Treasury to Sanders. He comes at Obama with a real coalition he might just win. Plays to the purists and their lust for instant gratification, he loses, and the purists, with him.

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