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"If you have to show a picture ID to buy Sudafed, if you have to show a picture ID to get on an airplane...

...you should show a picture ID when you vote,” Gov. Nikki Haley said this month when she signed the bill into law in South Carolina, using a common refrain among Republicans.

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That's what "Republicans" think? What do you guys think of that?

GOP Push to Tighten Voting Rules May Disenfranchise Young, Poor

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They shouild just do it like nightclubs

take a magic marker out and put a big x on your hand.

that will keep you from voting twice.

and by the way, i do know a few illegal immigrants, and i can't imagine them trying to vote.

what little try, im sure, hasn't a fraction of the damage that electronic voting machines have.

As an aside...

My mother, who lives in Canada, experienced an ironic situation with ID when it came time to vote recently in their federal election. The rules state that you have to show government-issued ID to vote. She brought her Canadian passport, and it was rejected in favor of her Ontario driver's license. I guess they care more about seeing an address than about citizenship.

Actually its a census problem

If they actually had the resident of the house file out a simple census. The number of people living in the home that are voting age. If the answer is 3 when you go to vote there sould be the address and 3 slots for three votes. Most people dont mind givig their name but even if they didnt give it there are three votes for that residence if a 4th person comes in complaining he lives there and all three slots are full you have voter fraud and it should be followed up to catch the cheater. As long as they ask people intrusive questions on the census there will be many people who will not participate. All that the resident of the house should be ask is number of voting age people living in each house. Most people would not have a problem with this one question in order to vote. If they dont want to vote they shouldnt need to answer the question. The census should only be used to fight voter fraud. Until we have locals counting votes with black box voting there will never be a far election.

In every half normal country

In every half normal country people are going out of their homes to vote and they are required to show some form of identification, voting over the Internet or by mail is not allowed. This way you don't have dead people "voting" or persons voting multiple times.

Just because 25.000 Amish people and 300 wackos living in the woods don't want to get ID's, doesn't mean we have to allow hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes each election because of them.

Also the electronic voting machines should be banned in order to keep the elections results true.

You're right. Because we live

You're right. Because we live in a democracy, the majority of the "normal" people get to decide for those few "wackos." Why not a DNA sample on file? That would solve it. Everyone has DNA on them.

You do realize this is the same argument for the REAL ID card?


Columbus, Ohio

We'll see who the whackos are

We'll see who the whackos are when the economy collapses and the Amish and the whackos in the woods are the only ones eating.

The mainstream level of dependence is very dangerous for a free society. It reeks of intellectual sloth, wishful thinking, and arrogant laziness.

Hold up.

I hate to disagree with the man michael himself, I'm assuming by your title you're sceptical about this subject. However, I'm actually totally down with this. Not that our election process isn't totally rigged anyway, i think most everyone here knows the famous stalin quote, but at least there's some sort of effort to cut down on the all fraudulant votes which dems are well known for.
Hanging out on a street corner, minding my own business and getting asked for ID on the other hand, that don't fly with me for a second.

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1. Don't be afraid to disagree with anyone for anything. You are who you are. Disagreement & discussion is the point of this forum, and your right in a free society.

That being said, I'm interested in how this phrase is couched as well as what goes unsaid.

I disagree with how this is phrased - as if showing ID to buy sudafed or getting on an airplane is all well and good. Therefore it naturally follows that you need an ID to vote.

But what is the point of showing ID if the individual -- properly IDed, of course -- then goes on to vote at an unuaditable black box voting machine? That is the part that is ridiculous, and exposes the whole thing as political theatre, just like the excessive "security" measures at the airport.

To be mean is never excusable, but there is some merit in knowing that one is; the most irreparable of vices is to do evil out of stupidity. - C.B.

Thank you for discouraging conformity.

it is when someone presents a well reasoned counter argument, that our skills are honed and our own beliefs solidified.

it does seem to me, that a person should have at least the ability to understand the basics, before voting. for instance.

our Constitution is based on natural law. and yet how many know that?

I submit that there are only 2 places a persons "rights" can come from. the government [civil] or Nature [God].
is there another?

and if not, should a person need to understand this distinction before voting? I would say yes.

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I submit that there are only 2 places a persons "rights" can come from. the government [civil] or Nature [God]. is there another?

There is the possibility that there are no rights.

Sorry, just sayin'. Not that I believe it. That's just how my mind works. Consider everything.


To be mean is never excusable, but there is some merit in knowing that one is; the most irreparable of vices is to do evil out of stupidity. - C.B.

Interesting point.

We think in these terms, because, "hey, we're America"! Not quite the same in China and other countries.

I for one...

I for one am going to grab up every tourist I can find from out of the country and haul them off to the polling place with me.Ron Paul 2012!

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

perhaps if the native Americans, were made aware,

of this distinction, you could do more good?

point out there is a place for them in our camp?

just a thought......

More the merrier

I am taking them too,But with no ID required I think the more the merrier! Could it be possible to have too much faith in the honesty of others? We now have a president that was elected by "Honest" voters.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

It's All About Integrity

They "Bend The Rules"

Voting is a citizen's

Voting is a citizen's right.

Identification is not a citizen's responsibility.

I agree...

That Voting is a right but I have known several people who have showed up to the voting booth and had that right taken away because someone else had already voted under their name. If having a ID is too controversial maybe they could put a signiture or password or something on file when you register. Either way, I think voter fraud is a greater risk to liberty than having some form of identification.

absolutely YES...showing ID

absolutely YES...showing ID could prevent vote fraud.

Seriously, who in the right mind don't have ID ? How can a normal person can live without ID ?


You really don't think that everyone's version, or need for, "normal" is the same do you?

I know a lot of perfectly normal people who don't have any need for ID. If I didn't mind paying a ticket every once in a while for driving without a license, I could live very easily without an ID.

Those abnormal people you speak of are the most free among us. I wish to some day be that free and easy.

ID to buy sudafed should be

ID to buy sudafed should be left up to the pharmacies, ID to vote should be left up to the states, ID to board a plane should be up to the airlines.

Normal people are very boring!

I agree..

and I'm not even an Evil Warlord.

There are Amish people who

There are Amish people who don't believe in identification, and a small growing minority of them vote.

If you want to vote, show a

If you want to vote, show a SS card. No more illegal immigrants voting for democrats who hock our liberties for reelection

I'm here to tell you there are

TONS of fake and stolen SS cards being used by illegals.

I know a couple of

I know a couple of Mexicans...she pressed some silly charges against him so they (her and the kids) can get free housing for being abused. And the guy will join them soon after. This is WA state.

In the '08 Republican primary in Texas

After voting for RP, there were questions of what the Republican platform should be (not the Diebold, the other fraud-ulator).
One of the questions were "Do you support requiring voters to show ID to vote?" (if memory serves me correct).

I voted "NO"

And I didn't have to show ID to vote at that time, they just looked up my name on "the list".

For what it's worth.

Yeah there's my name, I sign

Yeah there's my name, I sign the box in half a second, and it matches the sample signature without even looking at it.

What exactly is wrong with this method? It works for credit cards!

When I had to do this to buy

When I had to do this to buy Sudafed for a sick friend, I was floored. Using the excuse that medication that has sudaphedrin is currently used in the production of one of the so-called illicit drugs (I forget which one), now I am on some frickin' database as a potential meth-head, or whatever.

How long will we allow our glorious lawmakers to piss in our Cheerios unchecked?

Your largest traffickers of

Your largest traffickers of meth make their drugs out of aspartame.

The process was detailed in a whitepaper that was posted on the net back in 2002.

I often wonder why the feds keep fighting a war they lost a long long time ago... oh yeah, money!