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Ron Paul PowerPoint Wins Hearts at Republican Club

I am posting this here on the Daily Paul per the express request of an individual within the Iowa Ron Paul campaign.

The two youtube links below take you to a presentation given to a large Republican club in the greater Cleveland area. The purpose of the presentation was to 'present' Ron Paul for the club's consideration to support in the 2012 Republican primary. The response received was amazing.

part 1:


part 2 below:


Anyone who wants the .ppt file can download it here:


Please feel free to share the video of the presentation and/or PowerPoint file with any and all.

For Liberty,

Matt Brakey

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for a great presentation.

To be mean is never excusable, but there is some merit in knowing that one is; the most irreparable of vices is to do evil out of stupidity. - C.B.

You have a way about you!

Very non-aggressive, very "conservative", very objective, humble - awesome! Sort of like RP!

How many people responded favorably to your presentation? Were they surprised to learn the facts about RP?

Yes, there was a very

Yes, there was a very favorable response. The next meeting will have a straw poll, so I'll wait and reserve judgment to see how that vote turns out.

Matt Brakey

Great activism at the local

Great activism at the local level. Talking eye-to-eye with people (with people, not "at" people) can change hearts and minds.

Great job!

Glad to see the grassroots and individual action make a difference!


New Gold Standard

I love Ron Paul!

Did anyone see the funny story about his new stance on gold???


And oh-by-the-way...

Please note that the link to the (PART 2) is just under the (PART 1) video. PART 2 includes the Q&A session. And there is a link to the powerpoint available under both parts 1 & 2. We already have plenty of people that are working on doing this presentation for several area republican, 9:12, and TEA Party group's. And that has been the reason for the presentation in the first place. To motivate other's to participate in this way, to get the Ron Paul message across to some of the people that are finding some confusion with such a large field of candidate's. Better to get them to look this way now, before they become even more confused.
Know what I mean?


An excellent

An excellent presentation.

The best part of it was that the speaker kept mentioning "Ron Paul" by name instead of saying "he" supports this or that.

Great job and very motivating. Great counter arguments to the common criticisms. It would be awesome to have a list of criticisms for the front runners and have people notice that Ron Pauls biggest criticism is that he's "old" or "crazy", and then contrast that to Mitt Romney who's biggest criticism is his implementation of a state healthcare program when he was Governor or Tim Pawlenty who once supporting cap and trade. People can really see that Ron Paul has no real drawbacks compared to those two examples.

Thanks for your hard work!

Chance We Can Get You To Do This Presentation for Lake County


I am currently working on getting a time slot available forthe Lake County Republican Party through Dale Fellows. Any chance you would be willing to give the presentation there? I would do it, but I am way too animated for that group.

I can be reached at tikipalm@gmail.com

Amazing Job!

This is the type of effort that wins elections! You did an excellent job answering their questions in addition to the power point.

Note on earmarks the other main reason for RP's position is that the money will be spent by the executive anyway. He would rather congress get to direct the spending versus abdicating to the executive.

good stuff

great presentation and powerpoint. this can be adjusted to ones ability to present it in their own style and build on.

That was superb. Can we take

That was superb. Can we take up a collection to fund this guy for a speaking series around the country? Imagine if he gave this honest, down to earth presentation to all the major republican groups in key areas. I think this type of activism could really seal the deal on Ron Paul's nomination.

I presented Ron Paul to our RCC meeting in 2008,

It was my first experience attending our local Republican Central Committee meeting. I went to one of the meetings to present Ron Paul to them, and instead of politely listening and having a few respectful questions or comments, one couple in particular was VERY rude and dismissive.
I don't remember the details-----but it made me more determined and I knew that our local Republican party could use some help! (I am now one of the officers in our local central committee.)
Back then, I think I used one of the Ron Paul slimjims as my notes---we have come a long way since then! Wow!

I Feel Bad For Santorum's Speaker...

having to follow this one! Great job Matt! This is the kind of presentation that every republican deserves to see. It really cuts through the silly rhetoric that usually surrounds discussions of Paul.

thanks for posting

great job on the presentation! I can think of a few dozen people I'll be mailing this link to. well done!

Great PPT!

What a great presentation!

You're very kind

You're very kind

Matt Brakey

great job. you do a great

great job. you do a great job of being non-threatening, reasonable, and summarizing Ron's positions and reasons for those positions in an understandable way. you're a great asset!

Thanks. That's what I hoped

Thanks. That's what I hoped to accomplish.

Matt Brakey

1st post

Wow...my first post to the Dailypaul. I live in the Atlanta, GA area and I am inspired by everyone in here. (26 married) Matt, you did a great job and I want to congratulate on a well put together pp. I'm curious how long it took for you to go to these meetings until they allowed you to show a pp? Last night I emailed some local Republican groups in attempt to one day show a similar presentation. I watched this video and realized that a couple of things could help make this presentation even better. I wanted to add a slide just dedicated to RP's voting record. I think it is very important to let everyone know that he did not vote for the TSA or the Medicare Prescription (top 3 entitlement program pushed by Republicans). Stating that Ron Paul was pushing for fiscal insanity at a time when it was not popular is important. This does need to be shown with a few highlighted votes. Does anyone have any better suggestions on certain bills we could point to that would highlight his voting record? Also, it is important to highlight that he is only 1 of 2 Congressmen to opt out of the federal pension program. That to me builds so much credibility with a skeptic voter. (It did for me)

Hi, and thanks for your

Hi, and thanks for your post.

I have no doubt that the presentation can be improved. I also think it can and should be altered to suit people's individual presenting style. Perhaps most importantly, one has to ask what the purpose of the presentation is. Who is your audience and what do you want to communicate to them? While my bias is obvious, I did tone down the presentation from what it otherwise would have been because the group wanted it to be informational. That said, I think it served to be more persuasive this way than if I spun things. Ron Paul's record speaks for itself.

As far as how I got in to the group, two things worked in my favor: 1) I previously spoke to the group the prior year as part of a political campaign (I ran for local office). Therefore, I was a known commodity; 2) I have since been trying to stay active in local Republican and Tea Party groups. I became a dues paying member of this organization. I saw some emails going out regarding other candidates being presented, so I offered to present on Ron Paul. Had they not been doing presidential candidate profiling, this opportunity would not have been available.

Matt Brakey

I hope

you meant "fiscal SANITY". We already have too much of the other kind. :)

Welcome, and glad you are

Welcome, and glad you are posting. Good ideas, too.

why so many trolls on youtube

i would also suggest taking off uploader response to this user "ebonicslover" since it is drawing attention.. if you go to his channel, under interests it says "Insulting liberals, slaves and collectivist parasites", but under "about me" he puts "It's Ron Paul or tyranny!". seems pretty obvious to be either someone mentally incapacitated or a saboteur outright.

Crazy guy or govt employee

ebonicslover has been posting on RP videos since 2008 often with rackets comments that attempt to make RP supporters appear racist

I have communicated this

I have communicated this sentiment to the poster. I told him to use his judgment so I'm not sure whether or not he'll take action.

Matt Brakey

Matt Brakey?

Matt Brakey? Didn't he run for local office in Cuyahoga County as a Liberty Republican?

"The status quo is my toughest competition" Ron Paul.

Excellent interview, thanks for posting.

Excellent presentation. Take

Excellent presentation. Take it from me, I teach for a living and you are a great teacher; and very adept and effective at presenting the message in a non threatening logical manner.

very glad to see this video

very glad to see this video since im originally from cleveland. cuyahoga county in fact. lots of people on my facebook page from this area so i posted the video. also posted this link which i believe is the press conference where ron paul told us why we should join the executive committees http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkvTbYIUIbA

btw if anyone from the meetup in that area is on here i would like to get in touch with the organizer for that group.