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Free Ron Paul Cards - Updated


We've had about 35 requests come in so far, and we're sending out the free Ron Paul cards. To date, we've sent out over 400 free cards to supporters. If your one of them, thank you - we pray that these cards will make their way into willing hands. We invite you to post on this thread that you both got the cards, as promised, and how they seem to work for you.

Just a few comments.

1. We are a self-employed family and not "wealthy" monetarily. Therefore, we ask that you follow the instructions on how to request your free cards - we can't afford to pay either extra postage due (which we have) and/or extra postage on the wrong sized envelope you send.

2. One request per street address please. We've had a few people send multiple envelopes to get free cards - one man sent 6 envelopes (which we honored and sent out 90 cards free). We will no longer do this. If you want more than 15 cards, anty up the plate and pay the $11.99 - we're not making much on this at all.

For complete details about our offer, visit http://ronaldernestpaul.com/free-ron-paul-cards.htm

I've got 10,000 cards to get out there. If everyone told just 15 of their family, friends, and/or co-workers about Ron Paul, that would be 10,000 people new to the movement. Do this 10 times and and that's 100,000 converts. Every person counts.


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Dr. and M.D.

You should really only use one or the other. Very nice work otherwise.

I wanted to drive home a point...

that he's not a 'mind' or 'honorary' doctor, but a medical doctor that has health care experience in the trenches. You probably right though from a grammar standpoint. Thanks for the suggestions and if I blow through the 10K, I'll consider changing that. Any else have any comments on having 'Dr.', 'MD' or both? Should I leave them off the next batch?

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great idea and website. I just want to correct one point; where you suggested giving to a military guy it says Dr Paul is a Vietnam vet. This is only half true. He was drafted in 65' served 5 years, but never did go to Vietnam. A better point is that he is the only guy running who severed in the military.

Is this an accurate statement...

He served as a flight surgeon during the Vietnam conflict?

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

yes and no

As a vet myself I know how this can be big talking point to other veterans, but can turn bad if it seems like there is a misleading. Just think of all the politicians who lied about or misrepresented there service and it came back to haunt him.( bush, kerry, then there was somebody in '10 that said he was in Vietnam but wasn't. i can't remember his name or what he was running for) I just want to make sure we put his military record out there as nothing but a positive thing. Ron did serve during the time of the Vietnam war. However he to my knowledge never did actually go to Vietnam. It seems like splitting hairs, but to war vets it is a big deal.
Like I said before everything else looks great! keep up the good work!


To a veteran of foreign war it will certainly matter if it was combat service. Don't mislead on this point. Simply say he served in the air force. Plus any military guy or gal has a strong affinity toward their doc. That's extra points right there :)

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Won't use that any more...

I took the 'Vietnam' vet off the site and just say that he served in the Air Force. Thanks for the suggestions.

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

All 10,000 need to go to Iowa

All 10,000 need to go to Iowa, period! If anyone has anything to donate to those in Ames, Iowa before the Straw Poll, they should contact the Ames Facebook/Meetup groups and get their mailing address.

- Brennan

If the Ames folks want cards...

I'm willing to send them the file and they can have a kazillion of them printed themselves to distribute to the masses.

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

Very nice cards

Those are impressive pieces of work, both clever and attractive.

In 2007/2008 I had some home made cards promoting Ron Paul's tax free tip act that I would leave with my tip after a meal. This time I went to Vista print and had these made up:


Feel free to use that design if you like though the background is not one available for free at Vista Print.

In the spirit of this thread I will also send a dozen or so free of charge to anyone who sends a stamped and addressed envelope to:

Gary Trott, PO Box 218, West Warwick, RI 02893

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These look great!

I just ordered some....

This is another idea...

Vista Prints (and Others) will print you free business cards. You get 250. The catch is their logo/ad is on the back and you pay shipping.

What do ya think?





great activism brother.

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