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Rand Paul, Fearless Superstar of Liberty; Rand Paul on Hannity: 5/27/11

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Rand Paul, Fearless Superstar of Liberty
May 27th, 2011 | by Marc Gallagher

Rand Paul, not even 1 year in the U.S. Senate, is already creating a legacy for himself. And if you believe in the Constitution and the human liberty it protects then it looks good, very good. Paul has been steadfast and fearless when it comes to remaining true to his campaign promises. This is an anomaly in the float-with-the-current like a rotten log cesspool that is Washington DC circa 2011.

Paul has pushed for balancing the budget aggressively, stood up for consumer choice, and all the while doing everything in his power to cut government spending. Now, he’s revealing his diamond-tough huevos by going up against the whimsical idiot-savants of hypocrisy in his own party and the truth-bending emotionally-charged demagogues on the other side. His only allegiances are his promises and the U.S. Constitution. If enough of his peers in DC started doing the same our Founding Fathers might stop rolling over and over in their graves to salute the flag once again.

Listen here to Rand Paul discussing recent renewal vote on The PATRIOT Act with everyone’s favorite Neo-Conservative whipping boy, Sean Hannity (from Hannity’s radio show). Near the end Rand Paul reveals who he may vote for in the upcoming POTUS 2012 election and touches on his own potential aspirations for that same office.


Why Rand Paul’s Recent “Loss” Was an Epic Win (thanks, Calgary4Paul)
May 31, 2011 | United Liberty | by Rick Fisk


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The Man

Love how he dropped the term "trolling". I can't wait for him to be on the campaign trail for Ron. Lets Go!

SteveMT's picture

Hannity the reluctant participant in the Liberty Movement!

Yes, agree. Hannity will be campaigning for Ron Paul. What a day that will be....and soon!