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New Ron Paul video - 2012 Presidential Quiz

Hi, folks –

I created and uploaded a video to youtube. The target audience is someone who knows little or nothing about Ron Paul. Rather than creating a video that was just a bunch of statements ("Ron Paul believes..."), which would typically elicit the "That's nice," or "So what?" or "I don't believe (or agree with) that," type of responses, I decided to use the "quiz" format – asking questions instead of making statements.

Instead of saying here's what Ron Paul says/believes, blah, blah, blah, I figured I would imply, whether the viewer is conscious of it or not, that these are the questions a person needs to know the answers to in order to pick a President; not whatever criteria they have used in the past. Additionally, I'm making the point that all of the other candidates are the same – it doesn't matter who you pick.

The video is very simple. It wasn't my goal to use a bunch of fancy slide transitions or animations. Just something that was simple yet hopefully visually appealing and some fairly zippy music so you wouldn't get bored. It's not set in concrete, so I'm open to suggestions about adding or deleting questions, rephrasing, etc. I played around with different wording and a few different questions, but it reaches a point where you have to shoot the engineer and start production. So I uploaded something I was basically happy with, and then will wait for comments. The music faded right at the end, but somehow in the upload to youtube, I think the video was slightly truncated, and so it seems to end abruptly. If I redo it, I'll fix that for the next upload.

Let me know what you think. Here's the video:


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Ron Paul is the ONLY

Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who is willing to turn us away from our path toward economic collapse and chaos. All of the others offer more of the same failed policies. All of the other candidates offer us the very UNREAL idea that government can fix our lives and give us all a fairy tale. Ron Paul is the only one who is grounded in reality. Let's support the one who accepts that the reality of the Constitution, and that freedom is the only solution to the human condition.

Marie Ciriaco
My site


For thinking outside the box tactics.

Well done.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

Where is Gary Johnson??

Gary Johnson can also to apply to a lot of these. I do want Ron Paul to get the Republican nomination, but if I had to pick someone else there is no other candidate other than Gary Johnson I would want to receive it.

We should be willing to advertise him as well (in my opinion). Gary Johnson believes in much of what we believe in and also has a record to back it up. I just don't think we should exclude him, but rather praise both Paul and Johnson.

sorry, no Gary

The video was to promote Ron Paul only. I specifically asked questions that could be answered with only one name: Ron Paul. I don't want Gary Johnson, I want Ron Paul. But you could make a Gary Johnson video and post it on the daily johnson. (maybe a bad joke, but I thought it was funny :-))

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

I like the video

Thank you for doing it.

I'm wondering why at the end you did not include Mises.org?

O yes, and of course - RonPaul2012.com

Ron Paul is My President


I think you should remove lewrockwell.com and tomwoods.com from the Please visit list. If you are trying to reach out to a new group that is used to voting for establishment Republicans then linking them to lewrockwell.com is not a good move, too "extreme". I think it should be limited to Ron Paul sites as it is him we are trying to get elected. We want people to listen to Ron Paul first and foremost.

Here's How To Make Ron Paul a Household Name

History repeats itself and in the case of Ron Paul campaigns, it doesn't take a prophet to know that he will be black balled and blocked out of all media events.
If people do not know of him, he will not receive their votes. So how do we get his name known and message across? Here is the most powerful and least expensive campaign technique of all. For every single person who donates to his campaign or simply makes a request, send them all at least one bumper sticker with instructions how to use and why.Every single day and for every mile traveled down the road to and from work or wherever, many people will see them and begin to realize there is this man Ron Paul running for president. They will last years, travel and cross interstate lines and cost less than 10¢ each in quantities. They will effortlessly make Ron Paul a household name and center of conversation. The more bumper stickers they see, to and from, and around every corner, the higher goes Ron Paul's recognition. Before too long they will be listening for and seeking information on him and his campaign and recognize that he is being black balled in every other venue.
How to fund? For at least the next 6 months, every penny of every "Money Bomb" be used only for bumper sticker production and distribution until total saturation is achieved, as soon as possible. Let them work their wonders at no further cost throughout the entire campaign. All other campaign activities and interactive website development funded by conventional means and grow from there. Do you remember the wild fire spread of the "Calvary" movement in the 70s? I was done primarily through bumper stickers.
How does a fisherman attract schools of fish? "Chum" my friend and before long the fishing boats hold is filled to capacity. Chum, Chum, Chum.

It seems like the way all the

It seems like the way all the questions are worded that it is geared toward Ron Paul supporters...Of course I love it and I think the quiz format is a great idea. But I think the questions should be worded more for neocons. For instance, your idea of saying "phony conservatives" instead of neocon...Great idea and good job!

Here's a link

This should take you to a location where you can download the file in the wmv format:


No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

Thanks again, and my comments on the replies

broncosplummer has the right idea. I'm not going to be able to please everyone. Like my grandpa used to say – "We can't all like the same things, or everyone would be after your grandma."

I will say you guys have given me more than I expected, both in compliments and ideas, and I will consider all of them and update this thing. A few comments while trying to keep this as short as possible:

To answer someone's question, the song is "Extreme Ways," by Moby. It was the music used during the credits of the Bourne movies.

I figure I'll give it about a week and see what other comments I get here and at youtube and then try to make everyone happy. (Obviously not going to happen.) I'll consider all the comments about font size, overall length, etc. Also, I was trying to point out that Dr. Paul is the ONLY answer to all of those questions, so I don't think I would use the word ONLY in any of the questions. That's pointed in the slide about honestly answering the questions - it's the main point of the video.

But, I will consider the idea of rephrasing that slide and after each question showing a picture of Ron Paul as the only answer to each question individually, but I like the idea of asking the questions with the idea of the viewer "trying" to answer them as the quiz progresses, and then being informed after they are all asked that the only answer to every question is Dr. Paul. Maybe we can take a vote and this might be the only place democracy would be useful. But the original idea I had was to engage people's thinking process, which won't happen if I set the pattern of answering each question with Dr. Paul's name and picture.

I didn't think of including the 2012 website address until after I posted the video. Not sure why it didn't occur to me initially, but I will definitely include that. I agree with the plural/singular thing, too, on 'building empires.' Originally I said 'empire building,' and that sounded too pompous to use tcrimsonk's word – or they might not even understand it. I know it's actually singular, but it just didn't sound right the way I had it. Along the same line, I had included the term 'fiat currency' in one of the questions and dropped that for the same reason. It's obviously hard to balance the amount of time, the words you want to use, the principles you want to get across, etc. Same issue using the term 'neoconservative.' It's hard to know how much to throw at people without watering it down so much it becomes pointless. I considered using 'phony conservatives.' What do you think? Would that turn people off if they think those people are conservatives? Am I insulting them? Using 'neoconservative' is factual and accurate even if they don't know what it means. Calling someone they think is a good guy a 'fraud' may turn them off completely.

Someone said something about not focusing enough on the Constitution, I believe. Originally, my second question was 'who will honor his/her oath to the Constitution and all that requires?' (the one about reducing the size, etc of the fedgov was first) It's tough deciding what issues/questions make the cut and the best order to put them in. I had a friend that recommended using the income tax question first because it would appeal to almost everyone.

Even though a few said it was a bit too long, if someone can't take 3 and a half minutes, they may not be our best prospect. I want a person that has at least a bit of an attention span and is willing to consider some new ideas, facts, concepts, etc. By adding some of the ideas you guys have suggested, my guess is we could end up at 5 minutes or more. I'll try not to go over 5 minutes. Jack Hunter's videos are all around 5 – 6 minutes, and that seems about right to me. As I said above, I know I won't make everyone happy, but I'll see what I end up with.

I can't take the space right now to comment on each of your suggestions, and I may not have mentioned yours, but there were some really good ones I already plan to incorporate into the update and we'll go from there. I noticed one person asked about getting the video elsewhere besides youtube. I should be able to upload that to a site and then post the link for those that want a copy.

Thanks again! You guys are great.

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

Engage the Mind

Hey, Spock! *waves*

I read your post here and I'd like to reply to it. My first comment is on:

"But the original idea I had was to engage people's thinking process, which won't happen if I set the pattern of answering each question with Dr. Paul's name and picture."

There you go, man. Engage the mind. Show, don't tell. Inform, don't attack. Yes, show Dr. Paul's photo at the end. Consideration: Name ontop photo, title underneath photo.

Time won't be an issue if what the mind regards is fluid and sequential. Speaking about time, what do you think about making each screen, or display, two or three seconds longer?

Be cautious about adjectives and adverbs usage. Again, show. Lean on nouns, pronouns and verbs, but make sure that a pronoun's placement is soon after its referrent, the noun it derives from. Also, when introducing a new word or an uncommon word, define it. Avoid assumptions. Be clear. Use words -- and punctuation -- to your advantage. But using nouns and pronouns does extend your work's length, in this case your video's length. So, take your time on your video, your work. If one word does what two words do, use that one word. ;)

You'll notice one of my recommendations involved the word corporatist. Mistakingly I typed 'government corporatist,' then followed that phrase with its definition. My definition describes what I think a corporatist is, making my use of government redundant. If you scroll down to see that comment, notice a comma followed the word corporatist. A comma provides a pause in thought to prepare the mind for subsequent thoughts, ideas. In this instance, the subsequent thought was the description, the explanation -- the definition -- of what preceded the comma. Ehh?? *Shoots you a wink* Language and punctuation are your friends. They're happy to help you, the writer -- because the reader depends on what you say to act accordingly. NOTE: Inside (read: you) is to outside (read: reader, or person not you) as outside is to inside. That is: A:B::B:A. :)

Continue your work, Spock. It's good. *Fist Pump*

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.


for sending a powerful message.

I liked it -

even with the loud "porno" music mentioned by somebody below. Good luck with suggestions, but nice job.

too many producers in the kitchen

myself included. Mr. Spock, take these ideas and work with them. I don't think anyone's trying to commandeer your project, but there are some good ideas. The idea is to make your video so strong that nobody can refute it, especially those that don't know, haven't heard or don't want to hear Dr. Paul's message.

It sounds to me like some of the people critiquing do have producing experience. It's still your project, but try and take the best ideas and include them and you could have a brilliant piece of work!

Lyrics and in-your-face music

will make your audience much smaller. Lyrics are very distracting to a reader and turn people away if its not their preferred genre. Something a bit more subtle is required while still energizing. We must suggest the subconscious as does the mainstream media, so the idea of implying is on point.


I'm gonna go with Palin... final answer. ;-P

I actually liked the music,until the vocals came in lol

Great video,but I think it's a bit long as well.

The Music Sucks

The Music is very distracting and unpleasant.

Who wants to suffer through a synthesizer going aaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrr...............aaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrr over and over like some kind of mad mosquisto buzzing in your ear.

And who wants to be bombarded by a loud, overbassed-up Bass Drum pumping away like some kind of porno movie?

If you want people to read and study the screens, you should have background music (something undistracting), and not something that sounds like a Truck backing-up at a construction site.

Mosquito's, porno and

delivery trucks.

Get out much?

Video Recommendations Continued

7, reworked): Evaluate the candidate's record and study anything he or she has said and written.
8) Next display: In 2012 you will create your choice for you want to be United States President.
9) Next: You can support and vote for a government corporatist, a person who through his administration and Congress favors businesses that work with the government, a relationship that is at the expense of the American individual. (Show all candidates, a mish mash of democrats and republicans. Include Obama's photo.) And you can even re-elect such a person. (Obama photo comes to the foreground while the remaining candidate photos remain and retain their sizes but, perhaps, move down to make room for the enlarged, forefronted Obama photo.)
10) Next: Or you can vote for a candidate, a person, who's dedicated his time in Congress and outside Congress to freedom. (A photo of RP appears with his name above the photo and his title, Republican Representative, Texas 14th District, underneath the photo.)
11) Drop jargon and emotion ladden words such as neoconservative or its abbreviation neocon. Either it will pass over the viewer's head or open the door to retaliation.
12) Cite sources. If a quote is used, cite its source. Care about credibility. This recommendation goes to you Spock AND all other RP supporters whose quotes and claims are unsourced. Please, Spock and other reader, cite your sources. Uncited sources invite skepticism that can turn into cynicism and worse if enough quotes are uncited. Let's educate. To educate, we must know what we are talking about. Let's be first rate supporters, supporters above the fray. Care about credibility. :) *Fist Pump for Encouragement*
13) Scrap lewrockwell.com because to most new people it would be extreme. Reduce that website recommendation screen's time to five seconds. Thirteen seconds for that display, out of all displays, is time ill spent. This page just isn't important and sure as heck doesn't deserve thirteen seconds. The viewer can pause this screen if he wants to.
14) Spock, you've got work to do. You're on the right path. Keep up the good work. If you've got Qs about what I said, place them under my replies. Later, pal.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

Good job....

Mr. Spock.

Great start - but be careful with language

I really liked this video. Too often political videos depend on fancy tricks and graphics to the point where it transcends the idea(s), and whenever that happens the video suffers for it.

What I suggest: Eliminate anything that be construed as derisive. I'm convinced that Paul's best chance at getting the Republican nomination is to get a solid number of Democrats who are fed up with Obama's lies to vote in the primaries for Paul.

IN FACT: The only chance Paul has likely depends on this. Think about how many folks are still waiting for these wars to end. Millions upon millions -- more than enough to carry Paul to the nomination. Problem? Not enough Democrats understand that a Republican candidate *can* be worth voting for. We've all likely heard this a million times: "I like Paul, but he's a Republican" or "If I had to vote for a Republican, I'd vote for Paul." We can take this negatively, or we can understand the goldmine this represents.

I truly believe that this time around we need an aggressive advertising campaign that appeals to Democrats who may or may not support Obama. The best part of this approach is that you can still leave the door open for them to vote for Obama once the general election comes. How? You help them to understand that the best way for Obama to do the things they want him to do is if he's challenged by a candidate who forces him to address their issues.

Obviously most of us realize that Obama will never do any of these things, but the hope is that once we get Paul on that stage, everything will work itself out :)

Thanks for the suggestions!

Thanks for all the great comments and suggestions. When I get home tonight, I'll post a longer response.

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul


What a great bunch of thoughtful criticisms here, too. Wonderful job on this video, but I'd like to disagree with one of the criticisms posted here. I have never heard the song before, but I really like it. I think it adds a great deal of impact to the video. I wouldn't decrease the volume either. Thanks for your effort to save our republic.

Ron Paul for President's picture

track from the movie Bourne Identity but,

do not know the name of the song.

Well Done!

I'm having a big party at my house in early July to introduce Ron Paul to 10-20 families.

I think this would be a very nice, high-energy presentation.

The problem is surely some or many of my guests will be neo cons (I don't know most of their political persuasions, though most SHOULD love Ron Paul, but many will be ignorant of him).

This being said, the "immoral wars" slide question might be changed by removing the descriptors to wars, like "immoral or unjust". Some people may actually think they're moral. I'm not sure about this suggestion, just thinking out loud.

Also, how would I go about showing this presentation? The party will be a huge cookout. I don't think TV will be a good option (it will be day time, so the glare of the sun would be a problem). Any suggestions?

Maybe I should just use a collection of audio clips of RP talking?

Thanks for putting this together, very, very nice.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Loved It, Friendly Criticism

I loved it. It is a little long however a second or two more is needed for each slide. I would drop all the criticism of other potential canidates and Obama. Stay focused on the positive. By the end of the quiz I didn't want to be reminded of other canidates, and neither do others. Question 1 is starting a little strong, I start will warm-ups. Question 5 first, then 9, these leave the door/mind open a little bit, then mix it up. I would drop the word "invasion". Occupation is good enough without turning people off. In fact I would word Question 7,"Who will end the unconstitutional occupations of Libya, etc..." Let them decide for themselves the immorality the illegality. Unconstitution leaves room for their own interpretation illegal does not. And drop nanny state that is well understood here, but jargon to the outside world.

Also I would change up the answer slide, after bonus question, it infers that the veiwer knows the answer or that its obvious. For the people you want to see this, it isn't obvious. Give them the answer but try not to imply your own value judgement of the answer. In other words let them know its Ron Paul, but don't infer, "Its obviously Ron Paul, there can't be another choice."

Lastly I would drop the websites altogether, they are not fit for a young liberty lover. Right now we want Republican votes. Let them find libertarianism, constitutionalism, minarchism, anarchism on their own. I can tell you half the Republicans that consider this video and follow it up at lewrockwell.com will run and hide.

Great feedback

Well thought out.

I do agree that the answer to your questions would not be obvious to rank and file Repubs. A lot would be thinking ANY of those RINO's, and not have a clue it's Ron Paul.

So the "answer slide" should be very eye-catching and powerful.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

nice job

I think the idea is great. I've found that people want to discover answers on their own (and yes, many need to be spoon fed). Phrasing questions has a big impact on whether people want to look further. Many people want the TSA, Federal Government and all of the things that they've been promised, and many people believe we need to be at war against terrorism. Those are difficult minds to change.

As another commenter posted, you could make it more simple for those who aren't familiar with Dr. Paul's platforms:

For example (and these are only suggestions):
1. Which candidate wants YOU to decide how to spend your hard earned money, rather than having the IRS via the Income Tax, decide for you?

2. Which candidate would like to strengthen our economy and minimize the hidden tax (otherwise called "inflation") which destroys YOUR purchasing power?

3. Which candidate predicted the economic troubles we are in right now, including the 2002 and 2008 housing collapse?

4. Which candidate would restore the value of YOUR dollar and proposes the elimination of the Federal Reserve which allows runaway spending and US military expansion around the globe?

5. Which candidate has proposed a reduction of the federal government that is too large, to expansive, too powerful and to expensive?

(I think #6 should be separated into two questions because people could confuse them)

6. Which candidate advocates a strong national defense at home?
6a. Which candidate wants to trade and have friendly relations with all nations, and does not want to interfere in THEIR internal affairs?

7. Which candidate will bring our troops home and end our occupations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Pakistan?

8. Which candidate served as Captain in the U.S. Military?

9. Which candidate wants to restore YOUR freedoms and liberties that have been lost to the Patroit Act and other flawed legislation passed in the past few years?

Bonus Questions:

I think this question is a bit loaded -
"If you judge these candidates by their record and not their rhetoric, can you honestly answer ANY of those questions with a name other than Ron Paul?"
- since I've gotten some resistance to questions like this to my friends (you're challenging their character rather than their perception). Maybe change the wording slightly:

"In 30 years in Congress, Ron Paul has consistently fought for YOU to keep your freedom, your liberties and your hard earned dollar, as our founding fathers had once fought for. It's not too late..."

Again, these are only suggestions. Nice job!

Questionaire Recommendations

1) Turn down volume of music. The video, not the music, is important. Make sure your video, or message, is unhindered in reaching its viewer.
2) Use different song. That song is grating.
3) Allow two or three seconds more on each display of questions.
a. Doing so enables the person to finish the question and if time remains to look at the candidates, causing him to wonder who the candidate is -- enabling the viewer to "interact" with the video, to, yes, think about who the candidate is. Because of this dynamic, consider placing RP's image somewhere other than off the to the side. Entice the viewer to think. Yes, you and I know the answers but the film isn't for us; it's for people who don't know RP.
b. If film length is a concern to you, reduce the time of the three websites recommendations at end of film. Though this message is nice, it isn't nearly as important as your questionaire. This screen, or display, as any other, can be paused, but pausing is less likely to occur during questionaire displays than the last three websites recommendation display. Why? Fickle, rushed behavior. Protect against fickle behavior, behavior that results in the viewer saying, Well, if the producer of this video rushes through the screens bearing questions, then he isn't interested in spreading his messaage.
c. When the answer to the question who this person is is given, display this question large and in the middle of the screen. Perhaps the question could be: Who is this person? Next screen: Bring Ron's image out from the row. Show his image moving to the foreground, enlargening, while the remaining candidates' images shrink and fade. RP's image is front, center and large enough. Then make his name appear over or under his image.
4) Substitute United States military for "we" and the word it for "ourselves" because it is a pronoun, a word that's used once the noun has been established. The noun here is military. You and I are ourselves, not the military. DON'T confuse the nonmilitary person with the military person. Avoid confusion. Be clear. To any reader of this reply, yes, stop using ubiquitious, vague, confusing language, language a thing that corresponds to action and can even portend it. NOTE: If you want to put "we" or "ourselves," then continue to state Ron's position on foreign aid: The individual can do what he wants to aid a person wherever, even if wherever is outside the United States, a relationship that coincides to and underscores the significance of a small government, a governement out of the way of the individual so he can keep the fruit of his labor.
5) Grammar, Punctuation and Style:
a. Exchange "The" for "A" in "The 2012 Presidental Quiz" and insert Candidate, making the headline read: A 2012 Presidential Candidate Quiz. NOTE: Consider including more democrats, say, two more "front runners"; one democrat is insufficient if your message is to compare RP to all candidates, not Republican candidates practically only. The additional democrates could replace the least likely Republicans to run, Rudy, Bachmann and Palin.
b. Lower case Income Tax, making that phrase income tax.
c. Question 3: Who in 2002 predicted the housing collapse? (Question: Did RP predict the collapse would happen in '08? If so, then: Who in 2002 predicated the housing collapse to start in 2008?)
d. Question 4: Who since 1976 in Congress and outside Congress has warned Americans about the Federal Reserve, this country's central bank, that it would devalue the dollar to zero, the process that steals the American's wealth through inflation and causes numerous other problems financial, the loss of civil liberties and enables war, nation occupation and nation building, the constructs of empire?
e. Question 5: Lower case Federal, making it federal.
f. Question 6: Who advocates a non-interventionist foreign policy while supporting the American individual to do what he wants to aid whomever wherever and calls for strong national defense? (Yes, italicize and maybe bold defense.)
g. Question 7: Who will end the U.S. military invasions and occupations of.... (Don't need to use words immoral and illegal because invasion is immoral and illegal. Avoid repetition because most times it's clutter.
h. Question 8: Again, substitute appropriate nouns for "we" and the like. Also: ...nation building but, rather,....
i. Question 9: Who served in the U.S. military?
j. Question 10: Who wants to end the surveillance state -- the Homeland Security Department, TSA, the Patriot Act and its other appendages?
6) Reduce font size of Question headline where applicable or across the board to make attention go to text, to questions.
7) The question "If you judge these candidates...." assumes reader knows RP's views. Isn't this video to educate the viewer about RP? Hasn't the identity of your subject, RP, remained unknown until this point in the video? So, reword question or scrap it. Recommendation: Making your judgement based on the candidates' records, the answer to who this person is is clear. That candidate, that person is... (next screen: RP's image moves to the foreground while every other image moves backward and fades out.)
8) I'll get back to you on the rest of your video later.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.