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Ron Paul on Why he Should be President: CNBC, Tuesday Morning 5/31

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CNBC mentioned this appearance last week.

Link to CNBC stream:


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I would like to apologize to

I would like to apologize to Ron Paul for not supporting him sooner. Anyone knows his next money bomb date? I'm gonna donate. You can't call yourself a freedom loving american and ignore this guy.

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I just wonder why anyone

I just wonder why anyone listening to Ron Paul wouldn't say "Wow someone who knows what the problems are and how to fix them". Ron Paul 2012, The revolution continues...be a part of it! join Ron Paul forums and local meetup groups in your community, talk to your neighbors, spread the message, You CAN make a difference! it's time to wake up America! Please vote up, help me spread this message for all to see!


Dr. Paul had alot of time to speak here and that is great but I would luv to start hearing less of the sermon and more of the sizzle ... he is failing to translate the impact and benefits of his campaign platform and that needs to change right now. The CNBC reporters were challenging him to sell himself and I think there was a missed opportunity here. I love Ron with my soul but if this campaign wants to be taken seriously there has to be less pom pom waving, blaming the media and start being honest about what we think it takes to win, we have given a ton of our time and hard earned money so we have a right to expect this thing be taken to another level ... for example I did not hear Dr. Paul one time during this lengthy interview say ... " as President I would do this and then this and that" he is not hammering it into peoples heads and that is not good! no animation whatsoever. We need a 2012 campaign not 2008 part II

Impact and Benefits of Platform

I agree, Fountainhead. Discussing the benefits and impact of his platform is necessary for him to do well.

If he doesn't have that discussion, I'm afraid this campaign mostly will resemble his 2008 campaign. The grassroots will be fantastic but he and his campaign staffers have improvements to make. The sooner the improvements are made, the better for him and, well, everyone.

Ron's got to start talking about the hows and their effects. He had opportunities in this interview to do so. I thought she was pitching him straight-away softballs with lots of time.

C'mon, Ron, gotta break out the big boy bat. The time to hit homeruns is now, especially when the pitches are staight-away softballs.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton

That Lady is Annoying!

Good, not great job by Dr. Paul. He needs to slow down and simplify the message for the masses that can only process small bits of information. The mainstream media is very good at getting through to people. Bullets/talking points, that's what we need to break through to more people.

Good point

yet, RP knows he will get cut off at any second so he squeezes in as much as he can before so imo.


Ron Paul, he's my all!!!

Ron Paul, he's my all!!!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

I second that statement saying great job by CNBC.

They gave him a lot of time to talk.

He could even have slowed down a bit, but he's so used to being cut off that he speaks really fast now trying to finish his point.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Ron had a very hard first

Ron had a very hard first 1/4th of the interview. Jumped around a bit, sounded like he needed oxygen...But THEN RECOVERED!!!!! last half of the interview was great, super duper great. When is the first primary? this bs about hoe is or hoe aint running for prez stuff. I'm ready for some Ron Paul WWWOWOWOWOWOOOOOP ASS

Fear is the mind killer

excellent job by CNBC

of allowing him time to talk and express himself.

I CANNOT imagine why he'll continue to go on Fox and get harrassed continually hwile trying to give na interview.

Jackson County Georgia

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I think he should have said

I think he should have said he would become mainstream when the majority realized that the definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing while expecting a different result.

This time around

Dr. Paul is getting his chance to speak. The media is treating him quite differently.

"The world is a dynamic mess of jiggling things, if you look at it right." - Richard Feynman

It's also a "new" Ron Paul

I'm pretty impressed with the way that he isn't allowing the interviewers to talk over him and is standing up a lot more for himself than he did in 2007-2008. He's still as respectful and polite as ever but he's not letting them push him around. I like it!

"What I want most from the government is to be left alone." GWT


Pretty good

good: No interruptions, plenty of time, decent questions, bullets were reasonably accurate

bad: answers way too long, one answer did not address the question at all nor did it align with the bullets, not appealing to average viewer or voter


OK. This is a blurp from ROMNEYCARE MASS.

I wonder what establishment republicans would say about this?
Do they even know it has this in his Mass. Healthcare plan?
This is HUGE!
Read very closely, find out what ALL romneycare plans in Mass. covers. Am I the only one who did not know this?


What benefits will I get?

Commonwealth Care members get health services by enrolling in health plans. There are several plans to choose from. Each health plan offers the same medical benefits, plus some extras. Some plans are only available in certain parts of Massachusetts. Some plans cost more than other plans.

All Commonwealth Care health plans include:

outpatient medical care (doctor's visits, surgery, radiology and lab, ABORTION, community health center visits)
inpatient medical care (hospitalization)
mental health and substance abuse services (outpatient and inpatient)
prescription drugs (pharmacy and mail service)
rehabilitation services (cardiac rehabilitation, home health aide, therapies, inpatient services up to 100 days per year)
vision care (exam and glasses every 24 months)
dental care for people with incomes at or below 100% FPG
emergency care including ambulance and out-of-state coverage
wellness care (family planning, nutrition, prenatal and nurse midwife)

The health plan you choose may also offer extra services such as fitness center and weight loss club discounts.

So not only does he endorse obomba-care, he also endorses abortion.
I have never heard all the plans offered cover abortion up there in Massachusetts.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

What do you need to become President Dr. Paul?

"Well, for starters the MSM like you FOX could start acknowledging all the honest and intelligent attributes that separate me from virtually every other political candidate or person holding office in this country for the last three decades. Recognizing that I tirelessly follow the constitution I am sworn to uphold and use truthful common sense to direct my position on every important issue would also be a great start."

If they allow Ron the time they are now to explain his philosophy no one can touch him. He is just too educated. Given ample time he will eviscerate Romney, Guiliani and all the other hacks that the status quo will push out there to try and derail him.



Droning on about philosophy is a serious waste of time, at this point he needs to start firing away about what actions he will take as President to make immediate impact changes!

I was thinking that too

when they asked that question, that he could say something like, "well, you could stop saying things like that; that would help" -- b/c it really is just them saying it that makes people repeat it! Sigh.

I feel campaign mode

He is on the offense and snappy.
Very nice.
Ron got a fast brain.

Btw. I am always amazed how healthy Ron is. my father is about 2 years younger and he is very sick. Almost died last week.
I am here with him and very worried. He has been smoking since he was 15 so his lungs are sick. I think he gets home tomorrow.

So please stop smoking, right now, if you do! He tells me it feels like holding the nose and breathing through a wet towel.

Oh wow, at the end you can

Oh wow, at the end you can tell that the interviewer was sooo impressed.

Even after following every interview and speech from Dr. Paul for the past 5 years, I was truly blown away by this interview. I have to say, he is amazing now. He is definitely working on the delivery of the message, and it shows!

Wow wow wow. Believe it folks, we are really gonna win this thing!



Ron Paul hits another one out

Ron Paul hits another one out of the park!

Time 1:50 - CNBC Bulletin: "Ron Paul's Health Care Plan"

  • Repeal "ObamaCare"
  • Restore doctor-patient relationship
  • Enact tort reform

These bulletin points were apparently summed up by CNBC and left no the screen long enough to read. Did these point help Dr Ron Paul's interview? Hope they did.

I feel that Ron Paul could produce a better bulletin for his interviews that tightly align with his message.

I oft typed my correspondence with newspapers in a concerted effort for them to get my story straight.

Ron Paul observes:

  • 12:19 "The problem is the dollar is not worth very much anymore."
  • 13:00 "What we are doing is destroying our purchasing power of the Dollar."

Well spoken.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Ron Paul

Is really getting good at answering the question about if he is electable. I do think some of those questions were asked to try to make the Good Doctor look bad; however, the way Ron answered them, blew them away. These CNBC reporters think they are financial wizards and Ron [unlike other candidates] really dazzled them and you could see about half way through the interview how their body language shifted. Ron really came off well in this interview, despite, what I thought was an attempt early on to make him look nuts. Ron Paul 2012!


Those anchors really concern me lol

ie. their expressions are just blank? Are they real? ;)

p.s. I saw this comment on a speech by Rand,I thought it was pretty good...

"You stupid jack @ss. We collected 16 billion in tobacco tax revenue in 2008. If people were smoking dope like Marlboro we still wouldn't collect enough to make a dent in the deficit. Perhaps if the entire country got stoned 3 x a day we could collect 10 billion in tax revenue"


The only thing that can hurt

The only thing that can hurt RP is lack of exposure to the public. Once people are introduced to his ideas and philosophies, they will come around in droves. Also, his character and integrity is unimpeachable, which should go a long way with GOP voters.

Ignorance is the enemy. I hope to see RP on TV/radio/etc as often as he possibly can!

And shallowness and denial

There are a few other enemy attitudes. One such enemy, which is related to ignorance, is shallowness, or the American Idol/Dancing with the Stars mentality.

-He's old!
-He's not a perfectly eloquent speaker!

And then there is "coddle me"/"tell me what I want to hear" attitude, basically those in denial of the real state of the world.

-He's saying America's not #1!
-He's saying our wars haven't always been honorable and just! Doesn't he support the troops?
-He's saying our country can't afford [something/anything/everything]!

But if people are voting for a reason (because of a perceived problem in the way things are), they should be able to find a reason to vote for him. Hopefully this generally excludes those that are voting based on shallowness and/or denial. And we will do our best to break people out of those spells.

Educate Em!!!!

-He's old!

Nonsense , Ron Paul is just "Battle-Hardened" there's a difference!!
Chuck Norris is 71 & he can still kick your ass too!!
Raquel Welch is 71 & she still looks HOT!!! LOL

-He's not a perfectly eloquent speaker!

WHAT??? George W couldn't put two words together to make a sentence & Obama sounds like a shoddy used car salesman!!!LOL
He says it like it is, & I understand him perfectly

And then there is "coddle me"/"tell me what I want to hear" attitude, basically those in denial of the real state of the world.

-He's saying America's not #1!

Well... maybe those people should go abroad & find out for themselves, but America could once again be a Great nation(well 2nd to Australia anyways!!!LOL)

-He's saying our wars haven't always been honorable and just! Doesn't he support the troops?

He's right not ALL have been honorable and just(that's a nobrainer)... he does support the troops... he supports bringing them back home,how much more supportive can ya be????

-He's saying our country can't afford [something/anything/everything]!

ummmm... which part of "Bankrupt" don't ya understand!

I'm sittin on the outside lookin in & see mates,allies & once great nation ... sad to say... but caving in on it's self!!!

DON"T LET THIS HAPPEN, it's time to put petty differences aside , do what's best for the your country & get it back on track,don't be divided,cos it's not the "Divided States of America"... it's the "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA",after all YOU are ALL Americans don't matter what flavor you are... so unite!!


I agree, but these negatives

I agree, but these negatives go away once people have heard RP's CPAC 2011 speech for example or have read The Revolution or Liberty Defined (which everyone should read). But if it comes down to a substance vs. image battle, its going to be a tough fight for the good doctor.

I hope he mentions in the next debate that he is the only republican presidential candidate to be endorsed by Ronald Reagan and received more money from servicemen/women than all the other candidates combined when they arrogantly ask him again why he is running as a republican.

Liberty Defined is the...

best book to introduce people to Ron Paul's message. Each step is explained in a way most people will understand clearly. But his other books you mentioned are great but better after one understands Ron's philosophy in more detail.

Liberty is on the march, tyranny is on the run!