David Walker - America on Brink of Bankruptcy

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America on the Brink of Bankruptcy

David Walker, U.S. Comptroller General, is a man of great integrity. He is truly serving the people. I think this is one of the most important issues in this presidential race. Ron Paul is the only one offering any kind of solution. I feel it is unethical to just pretend like financial disaster is not coming. My parents and in-laws have worked hard all their lives. When was the government planning on informing the seniors that the money they have been promised, that they paid in, might not be coming? I feel like they were used. That money was wasted. I also feel like these other candidates are saying whatever they have to in order to get elected. They all know this information. Why are they going along with the charade?

We need someone in office that is looking out for all of us. Someone that can be trusted. Someone like Ron Paul.

Write him and show our support

to: contact@gao.gov

Attn: David Walker

Dear Mr Walker:

I should like to direct your attention to a YouTube video that’s circulating on the Internet. You and your message are starting to get noticed:


Thank you for your dedicated work to bring this issue to the American people. Ron Paul’s supporters support you.

Sincere good wishes,

Robert Moore

Interesting, but...

I am surprised that there was no mention of our borrowing billions from the People's Republic of China. If they decide to cash in their T-Bills, we are sunk - sooner than the GAO chairman forecasts. And, if the Chinese decide to re-annex Taiwan, the U.S. will be hog-tied. If we oppose, or come to Taiwan's aid, the Chinese will threaten us with financial collapse. (If this happens, it probably won't be until after the Olympics next year).

David the Patriot, the maker of this video is a bit simplistic, thinking that a Ron Paul presidency would solve the financial crisis. The president can only do so much by himself; Congress is comprised of fat-cats who want to give their constituents free medicine, medical care, education and so on. There are no quick fixes to this terrible problem, unfortunately.

Defeatists need not apply. . .

When your country's comptroller general stands before the nation and declares immanent insolvency, we'd darn well pay attention! History clearly reflects the very real and dramatic consequences when a once great people out of complacency, ignore clear signs of approaching disaster.

Further relinquishing diplomatic sovereignty will be the least of our problems at the point our middle class is reduced to living lives of indentured servitude. When big money financiers are allowed to manipulate the course of human destiny, the devastation that follows is apocalyptic.

Ron Paul's leadership is founded upon telling the plain, unvarnished truth. It's past time the American populace began doing likewise.

"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32