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2012-2019 The Tribulation Period???

Does anyone sense what I sense...a Hollywood hoax is on the way...in order for the PTB to buy themselves more time to implement their "utopia"???

I think an absolute inumerable number of dumbed-down, unknowing, under-studied, weak-kneed Christians are being sold a "Jesus is surely about to return" bill of goods by conquering clergy and the zionists behind them.

From the popularity explosion of the Left Behind series(sold primarily through Wal Mart) to ... well ... Wal Mart Christians, to Glenn Beck's promotion of John Hagee, to potential HAARP derived natural disasters, to World Net Daily's "signs of the times" articles repleat with all sorts of religious warnings about "end times" and the inevitable economic collapse; I think a GREAT majority of poor people, and middle class people being squuezed are SCARED TO DEATH and willing to swallow anything right now...and religion is Satan's #1 tool to DECIEVE the masses...

I heard Rick Warren, Mr. Global Ecumenicalist himself is gonna start selling some religious magazine through Wal Mart soon too...

I don't buy any of it...Jesus told us ONLY His Father knows when He will return...secondly, I don't buy it because ALL of these anti-Ron Paul moralists are HYPOCRITES to their Judeo-Christian ethics because they ALL serve MONEY, and not the Creator...

A 7-year "blank check" to create and impose misery and tyranny on ALL who will not conform(blaming it all on the antichrist) ... what think ye????

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what think ye????

since God is all knowing Wouldnt he know that in the last days, the markets, the governments, and the religions of the world would be corrupted? Wouldnt God know that there would be a movement to bring these three areas together in support of a Global kingdom? This is not the first time this has been done. Throughout history it has been tried over and over again. Starting with the Tower of Babel. It is clear in the story of Babel that God is against the seeking of such power and control. The building of The Tower of Babel Is why GoD confused their languages and created the diffrent nations. When their language was confused It took people who spoke the same language time to find each other so this would have started in more of a tribe type system and would grow as people who spoke the same language found each other.

All the christian religious systems you named above believe in a 7 year tribulation and they also are pre-trib (meaning the church will be taken in the rapture before the seven year tribulation starts). The Bible does not teach a 7 year tribulation nor does it teach a pre-tribe rapture. The Bible teaches a 3 1/2 year great tribulation and it teaches a post-trib rapture. The tribulation is not Gods wrath it is satans wrath. It has a purpose. Since the pre-tribers believes that God would never allow his church to suffer the great tribulation it leaves them vulnerable to deception. When they find themselves not raptured after the peace deal many will start looking for other options. Many will lose their faith in a resurrection. This will set up the wrath of satan. While these people lose their faith in God satan will begen to reap his harvest (Satan will use the war that kills 1/3 of mankind to do this). There is a seven year period that is to be watched for in the endtime but only the last 3 1/2 years will be the great tribulation. What starts this seven year period is the peace deal that will lead to the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem. This is a prophecy that has not come true yet and when it comes true and the pre-trib believers are here they will have missed the rapture, which they will because the rapture doesnt come till the end of the tribulation. The only other prophecy that has not been fullfiled is a war that kills 1/3 of mankind. will this war happen before or after the building of the temple? Will it happen in order to build the temple in Jerusalem? Will it happen after the peace deal in order to reap the pre-trib believers who will now have to admit they have missed the rapture? See Pre-trib believers believe if you missed the rapture there is no way to go to heaven it is a one shot event after which all bets are off. Now take that into account in todays world! Who is the largest group of people who believe we should have never ending war to spread our goodness around the world? Now take the same group of people who consider themselves to be saints. Now think what they will be like after they miss the rapture. They will be willing to do anything to cover up their shame. The government will use this to bring about relativism. Anyone who belives in a post-trib will be mocked by all. People will start to turn away from religious faith and start to put their faith into government and the markets. Those who miss the pre-trib rapture will look for powerful positions of influance for their security from the mob (people). The mob will be forced to accept their place as the slaves of the elites through force. This will start the great tribulation! The pre-trib folks will move to mid-trib beleif and start to believe in a 3 1/2 year tribulation and feel like God has used the war that kills 1/3 of mankind to save them from the Great tribulation (thus showing God will keep the church from suffering) They will use this elite position to show why God has chosen them to help the government control the mob. The mob will begain to be persecuted and lose all their rights They will feel that God has chosen the government and the church to bring about Gods wrath.


I personally am watching for the peace deal that sets the boarders of Israel and will put the temple mount under UN control. This will lead the way to the building of a temple on the temple mount for all monotheistic religions. This will start the seven year period talked about in the Bible.

I believe the next 3 1/2 years will be a world war that kills 1/3 of mankind. This will be used to show why we need Global government (just like after WW2) The christians will use this event to explain away the pre-trib error and move to mid-trib and claim god has used the war to build this global government for the establishment of His Kingdom of peace on the world.

This will start the Great tribulation This is when the anti christ will stand with the blessing of the false prophet in the temple and claim to be the ruling authority of the world (The Global Government) [God]. Then they will round up all weapons and they will be turned into tools for the mob (the workers). The church will claim that God has used the governing authorities (global governments) to usure in Gods kingdom.

The great tribulation will last 3 1/2 years at the end of this tribulation the true rapture will take place and the true church will return with Christ to rule and reign for 1000 years. The anti christ and the false prophet will be thrown into the bottomless pit. At the end of this 1000 year reign Will be the wrath of God and the white throne judgement. After the judgment the earth will be destroyed then the new jerusalem will will be set up on earth (a recreation).

I personaly would not be part of a pre-trib church not because it is a salvation issue but because it is just not a truth in the Bible. It is a stumbling block to truth and can lead to evil. Again anyone can die today this would be a pre-trib rapture so the church should always be ready for the rapture. As for the the event known as the resurrection this will happen at the end of the 3 1/2 year great tribulation. Anyone who is not pursecuted during this time and says nothing against those who do pursecute should probably be thinking about whos side they are on. It will be easy to find yourself on the wong side of truth when this day comes. Satan is a master liar and he will trick even the elect. This is why the word of God is so important and why we should read it for ourselves and study it daily.


Since the pre-tribers believes that God would never allow his church to suffer the great tribulation it leaves them vulnerable to deception.

This was the "lie" I fell for during the whole Left Behind phenomenon ... I won't fault the Pastor necessarily for getting swept up in it all; there is a warning about a spiritual person eating "too much meat" ... but he did sell the "it is the character of God to spare His church from the sufferings of THIS specific great wrath by taking us out"...