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Mitt Romney banner ads on DailyPaul

Pro Mitt Romney banner ads are appearing on DailyPaul. At first blush, it seems like we shouldn't have them. But maybe everybody should click on them to 1) provide more revenue to DP (if it is pay per click) and 2) slowly burn some of Romney's war chest.

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Where are they?? I want to

Where are they?? I want to click some!

H*LL YES!!!!!

haha. I'll click 10 times everytime I see one. LOL.

Once they see their costs for click through rates from DP, I'm sure the Romney camp will contact their ad broker to ask them WTF they were thinking.


Drain his bank account by

Drain his bank account by clicking on all his ads everywhere you find them. What good is $10 million in pledges if all that money is spent on Ron Paul fans clicking through. He's morally bankrupt, let's make his campaign financially bankrupt too.



What Would Ron Do?

I didn't see the Mitt Romney add.

But I did Google Ron Paul and then Mitt Romney:

Ron Paul - About 40,400,000 results

Mitt Romney - About 14,500,000 results

It seems to me that freedom is popular! ;-)

maybe its a good idea.. get a bunch of gullible mormans to come

try to learn about austrian economics.. sure.. that will work.

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Romney $$ Link?

I realize two weeks on DP is like ancient history, but I'm looking for a post that showed @ ten of Mitt RINO's top contributors from 2008. Mostly corporate sleaze with bailout money.

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Go to hidemyass.com and sign

Go to hidemyass.com and sign up for the private vpn. Less than $15 a month. You can switch your isp to any state or country anytime. Through that your web-browsing, and profile creation (in forums and article response columns) are anonymous, so you can change your ip and make a new account and you can post as many different type of comments or click on ads and it will appear as someone else in a different area.

No reason to use a proxy.

No reason to use a proxy. Just use the Private Browsing option that both Mozilla and IE have pre-built.



Not the same thing?

My understanding is that all this will do is hide your browsing to anyone using your computer (i.e. keeps the web browser's history and cache clear) but does not and cannot mask your ip. In other words, locally you can hide your tracks but externally you're still exposed.

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Right... But ad's are not

Right... But ad's are not delivered via IP, but rather cookies that are stored on your local system.

Hiding your IP will do nothing to stop ad's, however, blocking the cookies and cache that communicate back with ad-servers will.

Of course, Ad-Block Plus, Ghostery and No-Script also will help.

Not just that...

Have you noticed that if you google Ron Paul right now, the advertised link is Mitt Romney's campaign site?

I think someone is trying to hijack Ron Paul traffick...

All been

All been discussed...

Ad-Block Plus: http://adblockplus.org/en/

Please correct me if I'm wrong

I believe the search engine knows what you've been searching for recently and will then tailor the ads to your apparent interests. So if you've done any searches for Romney, you'll see more Romney ads.

Recently, I did searches for 'wooden kayaks' (building them is one of my hobbies), and now I can hardly visit any site without seeing some ad for...wooden kayaks. Including on the Daily Paul.

Of course, it's an example of a dumb machine making an inappropriate assumption. Any money Romney is spending for banner ads that show up on the Daily Paul are a stupid waste of his money. I hope to see a lot more.

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I didn't think that it might be me and not the site content

The Romney ads I'm seeing might be my profile queuing google ads to deliver Romney content. I didn't think of that, I thought that Google or the ad network may have been reading the site content of DailyPaul (which would have lots of president election content and even Romney's name)

(I can't remember what I would've been looking for Romney-related though.)

Romney's paying for them all the same.

Would it be nefarious for us to purposely waste his ad spend? :-0

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I just looked and don't see any Romney ads.

If he wants to advertise here, it would be bad money spent well to fund a good endeavor....pushing the Liberty agenda.

Are there any Sarah Palin ads around here?



USE AUTOMATED PROXIES AND VPN's to hide and randomize your isp

And how does one do this?

And how does one do this?