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Ron Paul and creating a Republic of our own

TO: The Past and Present Supporter of Ron Paul

I am sending a message to anyone and everyone that has been interested in Dr. Ron Paul being president of these United States or at least making this country a better place to live, start a business and raise a family. If you are not interested go ahead and ignore this message but if you are interested, please read on.

This message started from a phone conversation I recently received from a friend of mine telling me that Dr. Ron Paul's campaign was beginning to organize in Florida and that we had work to do...I would never have thought to be referred to as someone "political" but it seems that I am one of many in these days that is beginning to care about what is happening to this country.

This is my brief story about finding "Ron Paul": Four years ago about this same time in the year, I experienced a life-changing moment of cognitive dissonance while watching the second Republican Presidential Debate in South Carolina. Rudy Giuliani had just challenged Dr. Ron Paul's explanation of "blowback" as reasons to explain why the tragedy of 911 happened. The former New York City mayor provided the ideal foil to the calm and collected retired obstetrician. The erudite follow-up by Dr. Ron Paul further caught my attention as it made a rational and clear argument to support his case. Mr. Giuliani's response was to demagogue and deflect Paul's response explaining that he knew better because he was there and asked Dr. Paul to retract his statements. I was not convinced for a moment by the pretend sagacity of Mr. Giuliani but I found myself stunned to hear such "truth" being spoken by a politician (Dr. Paul). I decided I needed to find out more about Dr. Paul. Suddenly, I found myself following "Google Ron Paul" searches and I discovered a community on meetup.com that were meeting to discuss the campaign in person. Looking back what happened on that far away stage forever transformed my life. This event became my "Ron Paul Moment."

Since that time I have felt renewed in my Christian faith toward peace, love and mercy. My mind and my heart have had to learn real history and economics that I was not taught at expensive private schools or in a university education and I was made to confront even the most basic of theological and societal assumptions I was raised with. I feel like my life has become my own. I was able to understand how to relate important events such as the tragedy of September 11th, 2001, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, politics and elections and the importance of our fragile experimental Republic to my own personal experience in liberty and freedom. Through exercise of rational thinking based on the firm truth and reason made my mind and my body my own, too.

Then, while working to support Dr. Ron Paul's 2008 Presidential campaign, my heart too became my own. Now, in 2012, Dr. Ron Paul is running again and I have a chance to make this country truly my own. This is an opportunity that is now extended to you as well.

Are you interested in answering this call that comes once a generation to create a Republic of your own with Dr. Ron Paul as president. Can I count on your participation? Please let me know you I can count on you.

In Liberty,

Hector C Roos
Miami, FL

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Good stuff Roos

good stuff

- Chris Delamo from Miami

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Thanks everyone for the support

If you are registered to attend Presidency 5 you must attend the delegate selection caucus meetings. There is a schedule posted for every county where you must attend to receive you delegate status.

What is the point of having free will if one cannot spit in the eye of the destiny others leave you with? #ActorofConscience

I'll help out any way I can,

I'll help out any way I can, but come January 2013, if Ron Paul's not getting sworn in as President, I'll be handing in my birth certificate at the embassy.



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Thank you Hector, you expressed this so well. I donated to

the money bomb and will be signing up for the straw poll!


Nice Hector! Here's to The

Nice Hector!
Here's to The Republic and the R3VOLUTION!!