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Getting to Know Ron Paul (aka G-Ron)

(to his new great-grandson)


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G-Ron is the cutest thing i ever heard!

NOTE: NO wonder he never dropped a kid, look at those HUGE hands hes got!lol

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

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Yes I noticed that too!



What a charming segment.

What a charming segment. Loved it.

Great Video

We don't get to see the human side of Dr. Paul enough. This segment of the interview was very sweet and warm. I nearly tear up when I heard the story about how he got the name "G-Ron". There's something in it. I hope it sticks! Go G-Ron 2012!

Granddaddy Ron Revolution!!

I agree(well except for the part about tearing up, lol). If people could see this side of him more often they'd be forced to join the G-Ron revolution!

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is there a youtube link?

is there a youtube link?

Youtube of G-Ron


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The G in front of Ron is for


Ron's the Real Deal!!!!!!!!!!!

"Ain't nothing like the Real Thing, Baby!"

"Ain't nothin like the real thing." (Remember they used that song for Coca Cola?)

Good one!

G-Ron!! Genuine Ron! Great truth and great marketing. Let's go for it!

An Ask-Me-About-My-Grandchildren Style Fluff Piece?

Wow! We'll take that. The momentum builds...



What a love!

How could anyone who watched this resist him? What a noble man.

I pray millions saw it!

The video that follows this with RP

and the same interviewer is also good.

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Thank you

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Attention official campaign

Yep, this should be on the front page of the official website, too!

Isn't it great to be a part of this campaign? The story of Ron Paul is so much bigger than any of us realize...and sure, it's about the philosophy...blah, blah, blah...But it's also about integrity and honesty...and an example to the young at heart about how to be strong, truthful yet humble. A great gift from God...I guess I'm a Calvinist...

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Excellent job!

This is a great interview. Dr. Paul is strong on the issues, and the issues are important, but it's also very important, perhaps even more important in terms of election results, to let people see this sort of thing, and this has been where Dr. Paul has been a little weak historically.

There are a lot of undecideds, a lot of people that dont really have any idea who Dr. Paul is, and this short little video is an ideal way to introduce them to him.