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How Many Ron Paul Supporters Are There Now?

My first exposure to Ron Paul was in a movie by the late great American hero Aaron Russo called "Freedom to Fascism" in 2006. In it, Russo uncovers the unconstitutional income tax and why we need to wake up to the corporate mafia taking over America. To prove his point he interview the then 'former' congressman Ron Paul. I couldn't believe that a congressmen was validating such amazing claims.

From that movie I learned about the Federal Reserve and started my Quest for Truth. After watching such classics as "The Money Master" on the newly available 'Google Video' I could hardly believe what I was finding out. I felt like I was going crazy because NO ONE around me seemed to know anything about what I was learning. I even went to my local Bank and asked the branch President what he thought about the private Federal Reserve. He incredulously told me that the Federal Reserve was part of the Government. I told him to look in the Yellow pages and left absolutely dismayed that I was seemingly alone.

Soon after that experience I saw Ron Paul talking about the Federal Reserve being a private bank and how bad it was for our country on C-SPAN.. I could hardly believe it.. but here was Proof!... Let the Revolution Begin.. Many of my friends have woken up since and they in turn have woken up many others in their circle of influence.. I'm hoping that it has been an exponential growth pattern for Ron Paul supporters. One person can help wake up dozens.

So how much support is there? If I had to guess I would say there are at least 10-14 Million but I have no way to know for sure.. I think there was about 3-4 million supporters during the last election.. Anyone out there that has more Empirical data to help us out, I'd love to know!

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I posted on the forum a topic...

....it deals with exactly this...tracking our numbers...It's titled "We need a RP gauge!"
Please read and comment with ideas, suggestions! I have been asking the "how many are there" question for years! :)


It's only starting to heat up.

We saw from the debate, Ron Paul still stands alone as the champion of "Take care of America, first!". All the others are just like "bomb,bomb,bomb McCain". People have grown weary of this, especially young people. If the truth were really explored, these world wide escapades are actually about stealing money. You see, it's a whole lot easier to steal money when it's sent overseas to begin with. No pesky FBI, or other watchdogs to worry about.

alan laney

If he's polling 10% nationally,

that's 30 million strong.

"Historically, revolutions are started by a select few, and are ignored by the mainstream for a long time — until they can no longer be ignored. That point has passed, and they can ignore us no longer". - Ron Paul

Best Guess

My best guess for those who admit to being on RP's side, I would say 20 million. Of those that will actually vote, and how many show more support than just answering "Ron Paul" when asked a question, that I have no idea.

I Read That Ron Paul Got 2.2 Million Votes In The Last Primary,


However, the primaries are rigged so that the front runner wins enough primary delegates, when about half the states haven't even had their primary vote yet.

The real winner is "None" of the above, because I'd guess that about 50% of eligible voters nation wide have given up on voting altogether.

Please remember that in many states you must be a "Registered" Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the Primary election, and in my state it really helps to be a Republican PCP, which is an elected position that only requires 3 votes to win if there's a vacancy.
And, lots of vacancies in my state and district.


my journey was similar to

my journey was similar to yours. My divorce was aweful, so I was searching terms like judicial corruption, and it let to Freedom to Fascism, money masters, I watched all of Kent Hovinds videos, Alex Jones videos. And I found the daily paul, joined different study groups. I started challenging government agencies and banks, Everyday I try to learn a little more. Amazing how I went through most of my life not having a clue what was going on. I love Ron Paul supports, free thinkers, not just supporters and have no idea why.

I plant seeds about RP to everyone, many have grown as well.

If We Only Knew

And how to contact them...

If only 1 million and we were able to solicit $20.00 each per "Month" what a bonanza in contributions for the campaign.

I live on my Social Security which is minimal and I have committed to $20.12 each month.

It is a small amount for my "Liberty".

Let's spread the word...

Check John Dennis' video

Check John Dennis' video on how the Grassroots can help here.



YES to rp2012.org!

here is the link to the rp2012.org How the Grassroots Can Help video with John Dennis



We are trying to find and contact all Dr. Paul's supporters in Iowa in preparation for the straw poll. If you go to the website it's really easy to sign up and you can start making calls immediately. This is an easy way to get involved if you would like to help! :)

Aaron Russo my hero

that movie is how I learned about what was going on. I sure miss him, he and Ron would have make a great team.

Not enough people know about Ron or his message.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Probably just as a guess.....

...I would say just as an estimate, about 20 million now including on the fence supporters. He has now become a household name and is very widely talked about on the mainstream news.

With a presence of about 12% of this current Senate being Tea Party candidates and Ron Paul supporters, that represents a huge tidal wave of change....no matter how you spin it.

Those senators would not even be in Congress, unless the legacy of Ron Paul had not hit a decent percentage of the population by now.

However they are still outnumbered in the Senate, as even 6% of the population being awake...is not enough to overturn or change the politics of the Senate. Senators are chosen somehow by a vote from the Governor (the 13th amendment?) and many citizens are still oblivious to this.

Middle America is completely unaware of this fact. There is a long ways to go to over-turning the Senate so the Patriot Act can be abolished, but we have received some very positive signs.

How Many Ron Paul Supporters are there Now?

It's a very important question as it would either encourage us or wake us up. I think we have to act like we're a tiny, tiny minority as the safest ground and work harder.

The advantage of knowing would be to determine whether we've been cheated or not when the nomination comes. I wish we could make an appeal for all of us to make ourselves known at some point and only have Dr. Ron Paul have that list. I'm too leery of new "TEA Parties" being hijacked.

Another advantage of knowing after the nomination would be the assurance of who would draft Ron Paul by writing in his name on the Ballot. Since our choice is not between Dems & Repubs, but between Liberty and Totalitarianism, we need to let the "Ferralists" know that we will not compromise our vote with anyone who is not Champion of the Constitution.

Gimme Liberty or Gimme Death . . . Dude!