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Mitt Romney the only candidate able to beat Obama?!?! (New Poll)

This morning's Washington Post/ABC News poll will please a very fragile Republican frontrunner, disappoint a bus tour superstar and encourage all campaigns to furiously print economy-themed bumper stickers. In a head-to-head match up, Mitt Romney is the only GOPer to best President Obama (a statistically insignificant 49 to 46 percent lead) among registered voters. Conversely, Sarah Palin does the worst against the president (trailing by 17 points) by the same measure.

For more: http://news.yahoo.com/s/atlantic/20110607/pl_atlantic/fragil...

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RP ahead of Obama

42% to 41%

Billion dollar campaign, trillion dollar bailout, can you tell me what's the definition of a sellout?

Yes, he

is! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, ABC!!!

Current stats:
Which candidate would you vote for today? [6345 votes total]
Barack Obama (2600): 41% ***
Michele Bachmann (47): 1%
Herman Cain (217): 3%
Newt Gingrich (79): 1%
Jon Huntsman (35): 1%
Gary Johnson (11): 0%
Sarah Palin (286): 5%
Ron Paul (2681): 42% ***
Tim Pawlenty (69): 1%
Buddy Roemer (4): 0%
Mitt Romney (291): 5%
Rick Santorum (25): 0%

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Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

+ 1

Thanks so much.
Your comment greatly improved my mood.

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I didn't realize winning

I didn't realize winning elections were that easy. You just have to place high in a Washington Post/ABC News poll? Great. Now we can all relax.

How in the H are we going to

How in the H are we going to get the GOP nomination away from this guy..?

We won't accomplish it there....

but we may down here if Providence smiles on us as it did the Founding Fathers!

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

bigmikedude's picture

I don't have an account there, but someone can post this for me

if they want.

(and feel free to abuse it and use it on all Romney articles too)

"Mitt Romney has more flip-flops than a Jimmy Buffet concert."


RP on the rise! :D

Ron Paul 2012

My Letter to Langer Research

So, the "analysis" was done by Gary Langer of Langer Research.

The data can be viewed at http://langerresearch.com/uploads/1124a2_2012_Politics.pdf

His email address is glanger@langerresearch.com

Here is mine:


I just finished reviewing the data from your latest ABC News poll, "Bump for Romney, Boost for Palin As Public Frustration Stays High". I found an interesting oversight in the methodological choices used for question #43, which would have a neglectful affect on the overall analysis and, possibly, deny the American public of beneficial insight into the collective opinion. In question #43, you chose to sample Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann, and John Huntsman. At first glance, it was a bit shocking that an objective analysis could have omitted any candidates at all, but I know times have changed and we can't expect full and accurate sampling from polls anymore. However, a second look reveals a more confusing item that I hope you could explain. Please allow me to outline with the following:

First, back in question #35, Huntsman scored a very low 5 under "Strongly consider" while Gingrich and Pawlenty came in with 14 and 12, respectively. Sarah Palin, of course, took the highest number of 38 under "Definitely not".

Next, in question #36, Gingrich comes in at 6, Pawlenty at 4, Bachmann at 3, and Huntsman undeniably low at 1. And in question number 37, for second choice, we see Bachmann rise to 6, Pawlenty to 5, and Hunstman to 2. The NET data of these two questions appears to be entirely miscalculated, but for the purposes of my case I will point out the real NET for Bachmann (9), Pawlenty (9), and Huntsman (3).

So, the question is: with Congressman Ron Paul's numbers being better than every number outlined above (and matching Gingrich on questions #35 and #36), how or why would he not be one of the selections in question #43?


ABC News had done this just once too often. It's hard to hurt ABC, but relatively easy to hurt ABC's parent company, The Walt Disney Company. This is the peak season for Disney, and a boycott or some really negative publicity could easily cost them a couple hundred million. What do you think?

RP tied w BO right now

You know what to do!

Which candidate would you vote for today? [5680 votes total]

Barack Obama (2309)
Michele Bachmann (47)
Herman Cain (203)
Newt Gingrich (79)
Jon Huntsman (35)
Gary Johnson (11)
Sarah Palin (284)
Ron Paul (2329)
Tim Pawlenty (69)
Buddy Roemer (4)
Mitt Romney (286)
Rick Santorum (24)

RP R3VOLution


Vote up this thread, let's get some help for that poll!


How 'bout "Niiiiiice" instead?

Unless you meant to say "Knee-say"?

It's a shame..

There isn't an honest and unbiased news network out there. I just hate it when these blatantly fake conservatives get undeserved publicity like this.


Get ready for the Mitt fest

the media, with the GOP machine will push Mitt to the nomination (if they can) and they will do their best to squash any mention of Ron Paul. They've got just as much to lose ($$$$) as the democrats if Ron Paul ever got in the Oval Office. It's all about the money, and Republicans are addicted to deficit spending just as much as the Democrats, hence, the stonewalling of our good Dr. Paul.

alan laney

Leading Poll, Ron Paul was not listed as a choice.

Per the details, RP was not even given as a choice (I think). Very sad given that Obama has lost support amongst 18 to 29ers and RP is strongest in that age group.

43. If the 2012 presidential election were being held today and the candidates were
(Barack Obama, the Democrat) and (ITEM, the Republican), for whom would you vote?
Would you lean toward (Obama) or toward (ITEM)? (ORDER SCRAMBLED)
6/5/11 - Summary Table
Other Neither Would not No
Obama Rep. (vol.) (vol.) vote (vol.) opinion
a. Sarah Palin 56 39 * 3 1 1
b. Newt Gingrich 52 42 1 3 1 1
c. Mitt Romney 47 47 * 2 1 2
d. Tim Pawlenty 51 40 1 2 2 4
e. Michele Bachmann 52 39 * 3 2 4
f. Jon Huntsman 50 40 * 3 2 5


another brainless Washington insider, criminal. Obama? he'd have trouble beating Palin because yes his voting record sucks and he could be her intellectual equal. Hey Mitt did ya hear Bonzo tried to raise taxes. Mitt would make a great President on a TV sitcom. Looks Presidential and that's where it ends, his main asset is "looks presidntial" and he's less irritating than Palin but I've come across cockroaches less irritating than Palin. Big Bus Tour should be called the big bust tour for a Media Made Candidate. I'd love to see Palin Romney and Bush Jr. together on an episode of Jeopardy. And the winner today is Mitt Romney with a score of zero. How'd you do it Mitt? "It was easy I just never hit the button to answer. What a guy. Ron Paul 2012 THE ONLY ANSWER

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

Mitt Romney will self destruct

Romneycare, and his comment about "hanging" Obama will be the end of Romney.Its a done deal.If the republican chairmen and delegates choose to go with Romneycare its done..they are finished.

Mitt is greasing the right

Mitt is greasing the right wheels. He can afford to spend millions on PR puff pieces that will float around the Internet forever.

Trouble is... they didn't

Trouble is... they didn't even poll for a Paul/Obama face-off. Look at the very first graph in these detailed results:


Don't worry much about media Polls at this stage

We need to work hard to win the Ames straw poll which can change everything.

Was Paul even mentioned?

Very convenient poll for Romney. Only Romney, Gingrich, Giuliani and Palin are considered viable candidates versus Obama. What a joke.





WTF is happening!?


The media lies on a dime.

Two weeks ago, Ron Paul was the best candidate to beat Obama.

Actually, it costs a little more than a dime to get the media to lie. Remember how much media Romney owns and that ABC News was the quickest to diss Ron Paul in 2008.

Everybody knows

that Romney is not going to win. It's going to be Pawlenty or Ron Paul.

I'd like to know which

I'd like to know which fantasyland the Romneycrats are living in.

I'd sooner vote for Obama than that mittwit.