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Ron Paul on CNN's John King USA 6/10/11

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I was holding my breath

I was holding my breath awaiting Dr Paul's response and also watching his demeanor when the question on President Obama's stance on libya was put to him. I was so pleased to see that Dr. Pauls response and demeanor was not what I expected which is wonderful. Something tells me he is being coached, he is coming across as very Presidential. He was calm, resolute, polished, to the point and expressed his views flawlessly. There were no up-changes in the tone of his voice. His demeanor was perfect. I have often thought that in some interviews he has come across as flippant, cavalier dismissive when questioned on such issues. If he continues on like this, he really will attract the attention of the voters. On the liberal blogs they have always commented that he comes across as 'whiny,' there was not a hint of 'whiny' in this interview. His demeanor reminded me of the first time I ever saw and heard Dr. Paul. It was on the Bill Maher show and I was totally drawn to his message and the manner in which he addressed the questions. He came across as sincere, diplomatic and the consummate statesman.

Lemon Moon

Doctor Paul is looking very presidential today, I agree.

(The right speech-writers will go a long ways!)


For late night shows.

Debate Prep and Speech Writing -- A Proposal

It's great that Ron Paul doesn't need to prepare for debates because he's been delivering the same message for 30 years. That said, it does make a difference *how* the message is delivered.

Peter Schiff, for instance, has an amazing gift for making economic concepts very clear to the layman. There are many economists who share Schiff's Austrian understanding but are relegated to the obscurity of academia because they can't communicate with ordinary people.

Ron Paul is actually a good communicator, as evidenced by his latest book. But a speech given off-the-cuff (his standard method) will *never* be as powerful as one expertly crafted and rehearsed for maximum impact.

Why should people peddling bad ideas, or those who only pretend to believe in what they're saying, have a monopoly on great speech-making? Why should only charlatans rouse the emotions of the crowd? (Yes, I know that Ron Paul gets the faithful going with his speeches. I'm talking about the average Joe.)

If Ron Paul delivered even *one* carefully crafted and rehearsed speech -- a speech which presented the Paulian vision with the clarity and emotional power of, say, one of Reagan's historic speeches -- his ascendancy to the presidency would likely be a done deal.

Such a speech, given at a prominent venue to a large crowd, would make its way onto YouTube and go viral in no time. And, since Ron Paul's ideas stand head-and-shoulders above those of every other politician and presidential candidate (in part because most of them don't even have any real ideas), and because his record matches his rhetoric, he would win converts by the millions.

I would write the speech for him myself if I thought there was a chance of him ever seeing it. I'm not the best person to do this, anyway. But someone should. I'm increasingly convinced this is the missing piece of the puzzle that would ensure a Ron Paul victory in 2012.

He needs an excellent Speech Writer, a Modern Day Paul Revere.

Exactly what many have been saying for two weeks now.

Time to hire a Professional writer.

Selectively pair down those soundbites into each of his speeches.

"Honest Money over Funny Money."

"Liberty Works, It Just Makes Sense."

"Freedom and Prosperity, Over State Control or Tyranny."

"Ronald Reagan endorsed me, because I promote Change You Can Believe in."

"We need to live by the Constitution, that is why my office will Repeal Legal Tender law once I am elected and put a balanced budget amendment on the entire United States Senate."

Dr. Paul needs his modern day speech-writer with the pen of Shakespeare and Paul Revere.

From there, millions more will follow.

Not quite what I had in mind...

I'm thinking less of soundbites and more of just a clear statement of fundamental beliefs and principles. Start by invoking the Declaration of Independence as to the rightful purpose of government. Make it radical in the best sense of the word -- getting to the root of the issue. Say you want to end the income tax and replace it with nothing, not for reasons of "efficiency," but because taxation is robbery.

A great speech writer thinks about timing, cadence and delivery, and makes references to shared history and traditions. This nation's founding was rooted in rebellion against tyranny. There is no one more American in politics than Ron Paul. It'll be a shame if this goes unnoticed by the vast majority of potential voters.

Agreed. Send these fantastic ideas to the Ron Paul campaign.

We agree on that, sir.

Send these terrific ideas to the Ron Paul campaign early, a great speech writer will lead to an upturn of media attention before the masses hit the straw polls as well.


In serious times as these, every last contribution counts.


There is a very critical trend developing in these in mainstream media interviews, the reporters demeanor has definitely become more respectful and the questions have gone from utterly stupid to platform stumping ... we are hearing the "what would a President Paul do in this situation" Ron is getting time and opportunity to hit his talking points and did great here with John King


Appreciate you bring this video our way.

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

Getting feedback to the Paul campaign

Not directly related to this video, but is there a way for us as a community to create some bullet-point style feedback and get it into the right hands to help Ron Paul deliver his message more effectively and reach out to the more dumbed down parts of the population whose vote he will unfortunately need to win.

Ron Paul 2012

That sounded very Presidential to me

I loved this interview -- RP was tight, direct, and as always the case a perfect gentlemen.

IMF - Saudis

"SAUDI ARABIA. Saudi Arabia will seek a greater role in the International Monetary Fund (IMF), its finance minister said on Saturday after meeting with France's Christine Lagarde on her campaign to head the Washington-based lender.

French Finance Minister Lagarde is the frontrunner for the job left vacant by the resignation of compatriot Dominique Strauss-Kahn, but she is working hard to persuade emerging powers angry that another European is being appointed.

"Saudi Arabia plays an important role in the world economy and so we will call for strengthening the kingdom's role and share in the IMF," Ibrahim Alassaf told reporters in Jeddah after the pair met.

He also called for an increase in the number of Saudis working in leadership roles in the IMF.

The kingdom has a 2.81% share in the fund, according to the IMF website. This compares with the U.S. which has the largest share of 16.78%.

Lagarde is backed by the European Union and a handful of smaller countries from Georgia to Mauritius and is hoping for support from China and the United States that would all but guarantee her the job.

South Africa's Trevor Manuel ruled himself out of the race for the job on Friday, making Lagarde an even firmer favorite, although she remains under threat of a judicial inquiry in her home country.

Her main remaining international competition is from Mexican central bank chief Agustin Carstens.

Lagarde said she would make tackling sovereign debt troubles a priority for the IMF if appointed.

"There are specific issues to deal with and clearly some of the sovereign debt crisis issues are one of the priorities at the moment," Lagarde told Reuters earlier on Saturday.

"I will certainly look at one of the purposes of the fund which is to restore stability."

Lagarde said that the IMF should also support countries affected by the pro-democracy protest movement sweeping North Africa and the Middle East.

"If I were elected I want to participate as closely as possible, bringing the special expertise of the fund in order to help out those countries together with the bilateral support that is given by specific countries such as Saudi Arabia," she said.

Riyadh has pledged US$4 billion in aid to Egypt and was also instrumental in a US$20 billion handout to Bahrain and Oman for job-creating projects.

One potential pitfall for Lagarde is a legal investigation into her role in a 2008 arbitration payout to a French businessman.

A top French court on Friday put off until July 8 its decision on whether to open a formal inquiry into allegations by opposition left-wing deputies that she abused her authority in approving a €285 million payout to a businessman friend of President Nicolas Sarkozy"


Many will respond to me

by saying fire is hot, but I have really learned that WHATEVER Ron Paul says comes to fruition. I am very intrigued by this man. How does one understand fully, discern perfectly,and remain humble. I can only be proud of the fact that something in me realizes that i am witnessing the revolution. This man does not let down.

Google Hits For Ron Paul vs. Rest of GOP 6-11-11.... Wow!!

Ron Paul...About 81,600,000 results (0.09 seconds)

Sarah Palin...About 86,200,000 results (0.07 seconds)

Barack Obama...About 262,000,000 results (0.07 seconds)

Herman Caine..About 7,320,000 results (0.08 seconds)

Mitt Romney....About 21,400,000 results (0.07 seconds)

Michele Bachman..About 9,720,000 results (0.17 seconds)

Tim Pawlenty....About 8,520,000 results (0.07 seconds)

Rick Perry.....About 13,000,000 results (0.07) seconds)

** Rand Paul....About 66,900,000 results (0.07 seconds) results (0.08 seconds)

Newt Gingrich....About 13,800,000 results (0.09 seconds)

Gary Johnson.....About 9,450,000 results (0.07 seconds)

** Hillary Clinton..About 50,400,000 results (0.06 seconds)

** Alex Jones........About 38,800,000 results (0.10 seconds)

** Not Running..



Gates is a bought off, POS hypocrite

We've got govt stromtroopers breaking heads RIGHT HERE IN THE GOOD OLD US of A. Anyone remember the Pittsburg G-20 ?
Seems Mr Gates forgot that little beta test in tyranical behavior. Men, women and children getting their heads whacked off. People who were miles from this bankers orgy
were beaten, rounded up and jailed...Hey Robert send some of those troops in ahead of the next beat test in tyranny
being held in one of the 50 US states, your own people need a little protection.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Its Sat 6/11

TJ Homes was just interviewing one of CNN senior political analysts, in front of St. Anslem... They forgot to mention Ron Paul~AGAIN when going down the list....TJ at the end said "and Ron Paul said America loves a come back." when discussing Netw Grinch!!! So TJ mentioned RP but only to call attn to what Ron said about Newt!LOL

So the other guy picked up on that and said, "yea I forgot to mention Ron Paul, but you can bet he will raise a lot of money after the debate Monday night."

They forget to talk about the money maker.
They have nothing to talk about because every area they waltz into is Ron Paul territory~so they just don't mention him and ignore the 8000lb peaceful gorilla.

They just showed a t shirt that said "Twiener"!lol

When I blog about Ron now, I dont even mention who Im speaking about!lol
I no longer have to defend Ron! I ATTACK all the rhinos and they all scatter! There is no defendable Republican in the race EXCEPT RON PAUL!
Cant wait to watch them all rip each others heads off exposing each other for the liberals they are...They vote like liberals and spend like liberals. All of them!
They even run their campaigns like liberals bowing to the MSM!
Watch them fall, one by one while RP stands back and watches them!
They cant attack him, they cant attack his views or policies because they are right!LOL
So they cant do anything but shut up and take it from him.
Can't wait to see the Paul/OBOMBA debate!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Nice no spin interview.

"IRAQ. Citigroup Inc., the

"IRAQ. Citigroup Inc., the U.S. bank which earns about a US$1 billion in revenue from the Middle East, hired a former U.S. diplomat to oversee its team in Iraq as the holder of the world’s fourth-biggest oil reserves rebuilds its economy.

“We are very optimistic about Iraq over the next three to five years,” Dennis Flannery, who will run the division, said in an interview from Amman, Jordan yesterday. The country will have “considerable wealth” from its oil exports and is poised to invest in the oil and gas industry, power generation and housing to boost growth, he said.

Flannery, 64, was the financial attache at the U.S. embassy in Baghdad for a year before joining Citigroup in March. He has worked at the Inter-American Development Bank, the U.S. Treasury and the World Bank, and will oversee Citigroup’s plan to provide services to banks, international and state-owned companies in Iraq, the bank said in a statement. He will be based in Amman.

Iraq, which holds the world’s biggest oil reserves after Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Iran, said exports rose to 2.2 million barrels a day in February, the highest since the U.S.- led invasion in 2003. China, Egypt, Iraq and Nigeria are among 11 economies that have the most promising growth prospects in coming decades, according to a report in February by Citigroup economists led by London-based Willem Buiter.

“Over the last year, Iraq’s security situation has improved very steadily,” Flannery said. Over a longer period, the lender may have “branches, a consumer business, a middle- market business” as well as “full-service bank in the country,” he said.

Citigroup already has some operations in Iraq, where it provides letters of credit for banks, private banking services as well as payment and cash-management services to international corporate clients, Flannery said.

The lender will seek to expand its trade finance and syndicated lending services to some of the Iraq’s 44 public and private banks, he said. Citigroup is also in talks with the government to advise on finance projects in the oil, gas and power industries, as well as housing developments, he said.

The country has awarded 15 contracts for oil and gas exploration licenses since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003 that ousted the government of former President Saddam Hussein.

Iraq’s investment in oil facilities in Basra in the south will boost oil export capacity by 900,000 barrels per day by September 2011 and a further 1.8 million barrels a day by 2012, taking overall export capacity to 4.5 million barrels a day, Citigroup economist Farouk Soussa said in a report in April.

Citigroup will operate from Jordan for the moment, although it has options to open a representative office in Iraq, Flannery said. The New York-based lender could apply for a branch license or buy a stake in an existing bank, he said.

HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA), Europe’s largest bank, purchased a 75% stake in Baghdad-based Dar Elsalam Investment Bank in 2005. Standard Chartered Plc (STAN) and National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) SAK, the Persian Gulf country’s biggest bank, secured licenses to operate in Iraq in 2004, becoming the first group of overseas banks to enter the country since nationalization in 1964.

Citigroup has operated in the Middle East for almost 50 years and offers corporate banking services in 11 countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Kuwait. It offers consumer banking services in the U.A.E., Egypt, Bahrain and Pakistan, and is one of four banks helping the Dubai government raise US$800 million in financing backed by future toll-road receipts."


Kill the banks

There will always be endless war over resources. It is the sad truth and the masses are always doomed to suffer for the greedy few.

We have 535 purchasing agents in power in this country to protect the special interests and ensure that the government is the largest contractor in the world. Our labor is the collateral for the elite's debt.


Couldn't be better!

Wow, I love Ron Paul. The part about preparing for the debate was absolutely priceless, get a good night sleep and excercise!
God bless him and his family!


Couldn't agree more - I'm

Couldn't agree more - I'm more impressed with Ron Paul on every interview he gives like this!


Dr.Paul rocked that interview!

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy


Ron Paul is nailing his interviews lately. If he keeps it up, there's no stopping him!

morning bump

Thanks for posting.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Excellent.. Bill Clinton's

Excellent.. Bill Clinton's double was eating out of Ron Paul's hands!

I love this man! He is truly

I love this man!

He is truly a hero.


exactly my sentiments ... you go through life watching superhero's on the big screen .. but this is the true blue right here. This man is a beloved legend already to so many...and I'm not ashamed to admit that some of these videos get the better of me sometimes as I see him fearlessly continue to stand up and defend his principles and do his part to help protect what shred of liberty we have left.

“The hero is one who kindles a great light in the world, who sets up blazing torches in the dark streets of life for men to see by.” - Felix Adler

It is not the invincible who

It is not the invincible who are heroes, it is those who will lay down their lives to fight for what is right in spite of their mortality.