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John Pilger's 'The War You Don't See' Banned by Liberal Foundation, Speech Cancelled

The logical devolution of progressivism continues; forces of coercive democracy self-destruct. this is just one more instance out of many boomeraging on liberals/progs:

More: http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/9365991-john-pilge...

The War You Don't See

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John Pilger: The war you don't see - part 1 of 8

Part 2 ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDy2EKp5yLE&feature=related

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OK, movie time!

. . . to get to know the WARS that we are so recklessly herded into.

Like shark's teeth...

Hopefully some other person or organization will pick it up.

I also respect Pilger's

I also respect Pilger's journalism, it might just have been Pilger's book The New Rulers of the World that opened my eyes a little bit more and jerked me out of Dreamtime.

And I agree his solutions are flawed, but his canceled speech just might be the nudge that jerks John out of Dreamtime.

double post

double post

Another must-see film. He

Another must-see film. He was an Assistant Sec of State under Powell.

Stand up guy.

I just watched this. It's an

I just watched this. It's an important film and well done. John Pilger is a respected journalist because he has a legitimate history of doing .. well, actual journalism.

In fact - his 'brand' is so strong that way, that many average people - the kind who rarely ever even pay attention to news at all - might recognize him. That means there's a still a chance for truth to gain credibility through his work.

I'm already familiar with most of the incidents he covers in the film - and his coverage compares favorably with or often exceeds the quality (truth, logical consistency, supporting evidence) of other coverage of these issues and incidents I've seen elsewhere.

In fact his his exclusive interviews - with Assange - Dan Rathers - top BBC and ITC execs (must be seen to be believed), obligatory corporate defense department propaganda drones etc .. are all excellent and very revealing.

So I don't know the reasons why he is being rejected by this organization. I see nothing in this film that is not up to the standards of what I've seem him do in the past.

Speculation is that our National Security State (which Assange covers in the film) is very far along and now ramping up to an fully open police state here. As opposed to the facade of a free society and real democracy they have been trying to maintain until recently.

We might be entering into a time here they are finally (in full-on Stazi fashion) ... now openly intimidating free speech organizations to censor guests and films. No pretense any more.

Which is all the more reason to see this film while you still can.

ps. Its somewhat similar to another excellent film called "Independent Intervention" (2006) - which covers some of the same issues and uses some of the same supporting footage.

The Stasi also used these same tactics, to push their wares...

Often in praise of war propaganda as an art, they would seek to ban videos by producers such as John Pilger.

As they tighten their grip the more systems slip through their fingers....


This is a great film. I also would like to find out who was really behind this ban..I guess this is a call to spread it even more around the WEB..like Viral..

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The article says, "There must have been pressure from

somewhere that was effective. . ." when Patrick Lannan is not in the habit of canceling programs 48 hrs before the scheduled event.

I wonder WHO pressured the foundation to cancel the showing of John Pilger's movie and the lecture?

Pilger is an interesting guy

He makes great films about freedom and the corruption of government and then proposes his solution: Less freedom and more government. whaa??
He needs to learn about "money" and his whole philosophy will change.

I agree...

For the most part I really enjoy John Pilger's documentaries. Rather than listen to his solutions to the problems that he presents, I prefer to just listen to the facts and the evidence, which he presents quite well. He also has a good voice for narration. When it comes to actual solving of these issues I think I will come to my own solutions, usually involving the concept of liberty.