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Media Bias Exposed in 3 Recent Polls!

Check out this article I just wrote exposing media bias with three recent polls:


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Fox poll this morning RP tied with Cain at 21%

Which Candidate or Would-Be Candidate Would You Most Like to See Debate Obama?


Which candidate or would-be candidate would you most like to see debate Obama?
Mitt Romney 10.13% (10,452 votes)

Gary Johnson 0.58% (602 votes)

Newt Gingrich 8.54% (8,815 votes)

Herman Cain 21.12% (21,794 votes)

Tim Pawlenty 3.13% (3,235 votes)

Ron Paul 21.28% (21,962 votes)

Rick Santorum 2.59% (2,675 votes)

Sarah Palin 10.33% (10,662 votes)

Mike Huckabee 2.88% (2,968 votes)

Mitch Daniels 0.53% (545 votes)

John Huntsman 0.46% (473 votes)

Michele Bachmann 8.53% (8,803 votes)

Donald Trump 7.15% (7,380 votes)

Other (post a comment). 2.75% (2,843 votes)

Total Votes: 103,209

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2011/06/13/which-candidate-or...

RP R3VOLution

Radio station KFI640 am in

Radio station KFI640 am in Los Angeles the hosts always exclude Ron Paul in any discussion about who's running and if a caller calls in and says his name they cut them off. The only one I've heard mention Ron Paul is George Noory and in a favorable light. That station heavily pushes pro-Israel propaganda. It's a shame so many people form
their views from such liars.

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Maybe a nice letter to the editor

of your local newspaper is in order? Media liars hate exposure.

Isn't it amazing

How all they have all these people in the right positions to be gatekeepers? Friggin' masons.....

Typo needs correction:

Following this poll, #3 came out that same week (also excluding Ron Paul).

The pollsters seem to be arbitrarily deciding who to included against Obama.

The 2nd sentence should read:

The pollsters seem to be arbitrarily deciding who to include against Obama.

PS. Great article!


Thanks, I fixed it. Did this very last last night and very quickly!


Thanks, I wrote it very quickly and late last night. I fixed it. Did not expect so many people to read it this quickly!


Thanks, I have fixed this. Wrote it very quickly and late last night. Did NOT expect it to spread to so many readers so quick. But that's great!

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Thanks for exposing how the PR propaganda machines

manipulate polls. . .

Now only if we can get a few Leakers on the Diebold (& other rigged) voting machines!!!

A few leakers??

Where have you been? Jeeze there's been studies and hearings where executives openly admit manipulation and hacking is easy as pie. Obviously you haven't kept up with this issue. btw--diebold sold their voting machine business a few years ago. The new company is Election Systems and Software (ESS).

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Thanks for the update. Yeah, I'm quite a bit behind on this

topic. I did see the studies and hearings that you mention here.

SO, are we, the voters, now protected against any e-manipulations? Are ESS & other similar companies in this tallying business perfectly dependable and trustworthy?

Do we know for sure that ALL Ron Paul votes will be counted, Mike Lawson?

I have no reason to believe they will be counted

It saddens me to say that, but it's true. The fact is, the whole game is rigged. Ron Paul is like a bridge from media-controlled reality to truth. As he often says, nothing will really change until people think about things differently. I'd love a Ron Paul presidency, but I think his legacy will far exceed any prersident whether he's elected or not. The forum of a presidential campaign is a great way to wake people up; maybe even enough people to bring some legitimacy to the election process.

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So, we STILL need those who KNOW how the system is

rigged first-hand to come forward and spill the beans.

There are PEOPLE, thinking changeable human beings, behind the curtain of the "media-controlled reality": we need them to come forward, join us, or at least, LEAK details of the rigging mechanisms. No?

I'm surprised there's not a bigger emphasis on this topic

A former dper "Thomas" warned about this repeatedly and no one seemed too interested. We see how in online polls Ron Paul wins, in text polls Ron Paul wins, but in "official" polls he gets nothing. I don't see how that can possibly be the actual case. So why should I trust that exit polls and electronic results are accurate either?
There are organizations working on this issue but honestly no one seems to care. Why?
Thomas was absolutely right, this is actually THE big issue. Will it be resolved by 2012? Not unless all the scrapyards somehow missed the old machines.
To directly answer your question, people have been and continue to leak details of the rigging, but no one cares and the media certainly won't touch it.

Good work!

Thank you.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Thanks you

I will post your article on Twitter.
This has to go viral.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

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i added your link

to my post on polls/articles excluding RP. Though its not exactly exclusion, I think this research goes very well with the other articles.. Thanks!

Fall River, Bristol County, Massachusetts

"When one gets in bed with government,
one must expect the diseases it spreads."
‎"It's not like I'm a powerful person. My ideas are."

The media is rigged

Go and talk to people and convince them one by one.

If we all convince just 2 people and they do the same and they the same again, then we will win eventually.

The reason we can't lose is that when you have awakened you can never be put back to sleep again.

So go and wake people up...

And turn off the TV and cancel the newspaper......

Thanks for a great article!

Go back

and spell-check "asterik." Great piece of research!

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


Thanks, did this very quickly late last night. I fixed it!

Great article. I've been

Great article.

I've been getting so frustrated with polling lately and this makes perfect sense. I'm sure Langer Research = CFR stooges. If you notice they have a hardon for Huntsman who's CFR.

I hate to be so damn paranoid but I just don't trust ABC, CBS, NBC, FOXNEWS, MSNBC, CNN, BLOOMBERG, AP, REUTERS.

Great post... this is exactly

Great post... this is exactly what I've been thinking. One sentence appears to need correction however. Shouldn't this one:

"They did clarify that there were others who scored above them, implying that these were the top 3 vs Obama."

...instead say this?:

"They did not clarify that there were others who scored above them, implying that these were the top 3 vs Obama."

Statisticians have the

Statisticians have the uncanny ability to use truth to prove lies.

Great article, keep up the

Great article, keep up the good work with that blog.


Thanks, I just built the site this weekend....plenty of plans for more content. This article is a good way to kick it off with a bang.

sounds like we..

all need to be calling and writing the pollsters...

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