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SA@TAC- Who's an 'Isolationist?'

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Ron Paul: Mainstream America Supports My Foreign Policy


I can't hardly believe how

I can't hardly believe how Mr. Hunter was able to make almost every sentence in this video a lesson in history and a argument against our reckless foreign policy. This is Jack Hunter at his very best.

..may he get more

..may he get more listeners..always great..

Funny how people are called

Funny how people are called isolationist's because they'd prefer to trade with foreign nations instead of dropping bombs on them.

RP: "My first name is Ron and my last name is Paul"

SP: "Wow, you have two first names. Nobody is going to elect 'Ricky Bobby' for President."

RP: "Do you care about anything important?"

SP:"One time I killed a moose and took a picture with it."

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New terms

Obama Republicans

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for peace.

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The Constitution is the rudder for the ship of state! Without it, we can hold no true course!

Ron Paul!!! 2012...Don't Fear Freedom!!!!
Please check this cat out!!!! Dr. Paul!!!
I Want my country back!!!!! Damm it!!!



"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Another great commentary by Mr. Hunter.

Thanks for posting.

You are very welcome!

You are very welcome!

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What the political establishment fears most:

for this president or any other to be forced to obey this nation's laws and be prevented from taking America into war needlessly in any other land.

Washington WANTS unlimited executive war powers and WANTS to routinely and recklessly ignore the Constitution, which vests to the president only the power of HOW to wage wars and to the Congress WHEN to wage wars.

Jack Hunter brilliantly explains how the political establishment is scheming to make the Constitution irrelevant through WSJ and hyper-interventionists. . . all in 6.5 min.

Non-Intervention /= Isolation foreign policy....

It equals smart, savvy foreign policy that never leads to undeclared wars and bankruptcy.

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