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Why (and How) we should fight for Freedom

Why (and How) we should fight for FreedomFreedom
gives our good works, our community involvement lasting value but it is not free. Freedom is only for those who fight for it.

Homelessness, a population enslaved to debt,
and the use of militarized police forces to enforce debt payments, looting
, multiple wars with no end in sight,
40% food inflation, out of control epidemics diabetes, obesity, cancer, ADD/ADHD and , a breakdown of the healthcare industry (treat symptoms and not cure disease, pill-mills, prescription
drug abuse
and a fracturing of society along ethnic and partisan lines...

Why is this all happening?

I teach people that these problems occur when the Federal Reserve devalues the Dollar because in doing so they also devalue everything that is measured in dollars (including our own lives). When we work, we exchange our limited time for a fixed amount of money. If the value of money is devalued, then our time (and so our very lives) are just as easily devalued. Morality is based on the best use of our time and money defined as "a value judgment between instant and postponed gratification" but this process is disrupted when we feel like we should spend our money quickly or else it will buy less in the future. In this moral climate, the lust for power and wealth is favored above any virtue. The weak, the helpless and the sick have no chance. Individuals and businesses are caught in this trap alike.

Our society has lost the concept of thrift and hope (a future we cannot save towards is one we cannot enjoy). This devaluing of money destroys the moral compass our society has followed for generations. We demean the value of human life because we do not have the luxury of redeeming the LOST (a costly and time-consuming effort) and focus more on what people can do for us, rather than what we can do together. It is a scramble for survival on Main Street. The law be damned if it means going hungry. Our prison population has been larger than the world's combined for some time now, our national debt combined with unfunded obligations is greater than several times the combined wealth of the world. Our lawmakers are cursed by the common man, our police are feared, our sacred institutions of liberty (privacy, self-defense, habeus corpus, due process and free speech) are gone, replaced by on-demand searches and seizures, gun confiscations, secret rendition, assassination of US citizens and every major news agency is owned primarily by 5 government
so too few people are well-enough informed to act.

Everything we do is a drop in the bucket and will be for naught if we do not strike at the root of the problem and maintain a stable currency. Our society is spiraling out of control.

"Diverse weights an abomination to the L_RD, And dishonest scales are not good." Proverbs 20:23 (NKJV)

Do not believe the detractors who say that devaluing money affects everyone evenly. That is that the money causes both prices and wages to go up together at the same rate. Prices are clearly rising apart from wages. Our gas and food prices have increased noticeably faster than wages. This is a direct hit to our quality of life. In fact, it is a transfer of wealth people like you and me with relatively fixed incomes to people in the banking and financial services sector (Wall Street) who receive the windfall from a devalued Dollar first before the effects trickle down to those on Main Street. This is the same transfer of wealth that funds bailouts, "cradle to grave" welfare for all (even the healthy) and these obnoxious wars. While we reduce our consumption the government and those close to government are on a spending spree. Where is the value of human life here? Where is the equality before the law?

This is the moral hazard of inflation. Inflation is real. Bernanke, Krugman and their ilk are either blind or liars. Do not believe them. Instead compare your own spending habits from just last year to now and you will see the truth for yourself.

This fight against our communist central bank (a key tenet for Marx), the Federal Reserve, is a generational fight. This country has "killed" the bank twice in the past to have it come back again and again. These are the moneylenders Jesus kicked out of the temple courts. These are the moneylenders that we were warned about in Scripture. Join the fight!

I think the best hope to "Restore America" is Ron Paul's Audit the FED legislation and to vote him into the White House.

This is not a conservative or liberal fight, this is an American fight. I am a Republican activist but in truth much of the Republican leadership has lost their way, ensnared by "cheap" money from the Federal Reserve which is channeled through special interests. This fight is beyond partisanship.

We fight to assert our independence or we give up and submit to despots.

We fight because we can win. It is a fight for our own future. We must have faith that Heaven is on the side of those who want to advance society in the ideals of faith, mercy and peace.

A very dear pastor said to me that Jesus taught very simple concepts that were hard to do. Forgive your enemy? Pray for them? Love them? Sounds easy. You first.

Forgiveness is where we need to start. This act sets a positive value on humanity and puts in perspective each person’s redemptive value. Forgiveness is not something money can buy. Hence, the basic value of a human being cannot be distorted by money. Money can only distort our own actions and observations.

When we forgive one another and love, that is, not hold a grudge freely then we achieve freedom. Changing laws cannot make this happen. This freedom can only be achieved by personal conviction. We only change laws to preserve an environment of freedom for those to come after us.

Ron Paul says that freedom is a unifying concept. Freedom is universal. It is not limited to nation, creed or religion. Freedom is the great equalizer. When one person begins to act in freedom, others will believe in freedom and follow.

This is the fight we can win. The choice is to follow this ideal or to reject the possibility of redemption.

Pray to God and tell Him your choice. The world will ultimately “see” your choice in everything you do.

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We need Ron Paul, Justin Amash and Mike Pence to lead the way.

Wake up ALL Republicans you can find to have them endorse these fine men including John Dennis -- For a full top-to-bottom Audit and prosecution of the Federal Reserve System of fraud.

Then, vote Ron Paul into office as President.

As President of the United States, his first charter would be to revoke the entire Legal Tender Law and review the modern War Powers Act.

Afterward of which, there would be a massive de-construction of the State-spying machine that is needlessly destroying civil liberties. Followed by prosecution for pretty much all Central bankers, jail-time for Paul Wolfowitz, and a one way trip to the Hague for these war-criminals of the past twenty-five or so years.

Meanwhile Ron Paul's union of followers would arrest each and every banker they could get their hands upon and start a criminal trial of the IMF monopoly.

Assets would be frozen and seized as demanded under the U.S. Constitution, the foreign-commerce clause and the Graham-Leach Bailey Act of the 1940's including trade with foreign enemies.

The Federal Reserve has been trading with foreign enemies for going on ninety-six and a quarter years. Get all your Republican friends to understand this and Americans too. The penalty for "trading with the enemy" is life in prison or hanging.

The very basis of our Federal Government has been built up upon the Federal Reserve, which is legally guilty of trading with the enemy since 1800 or 1913 making our way of life a total farce. Everything they did, a trillion dollars here was sunk into Greek banks and politician accounts in the Cayman Islands. They were sunk into off-shore subsidiaries owned by some of your very governors and politicians who are also Central Bankers on Wall Street.

In other words this is capital treason with a capital "T" and cannot continue, it must be entirely dismantled and dare I say abolished due to its anathema status to the nature of a Republic.

+ 1 for Wake,

& take accounts, = audit. Prosecute criminals.