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I don't care if Ron Paul wins.

That is the answer. He does not have to, if you choose to win, to keep on, to spread the word, to spend the money to educate. We don't need Ron Paul to win, when he wins, his hands will be tied, to a point. When we all, on our own, choose to win, we may lose, but that is o.k.. If you can look this country in the eye, even if it goes to the ground and stand, and be proud of what you have done, what we have all tried to do, even if we fail and this whole place burns, we win. We did not compromise, we did not fall to one knee or two, we stood up. If you have not done all you can do, take no pride in our loss, or our hopeful victory. Take no gain if you have not given this your all, take not one ounce of credit, if you have given this your all, look us all, your children in the eye if we don't succeed and say, "I gave it all I could." and mean it. I can tell my son that, and I will gladly fall right alongside every man or woman who can say the same, happily, and contently. Do all you can, that is all we can do. I stand by Ron Paul and his sacrifice, and I fall by it also if that is the outcome.