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Idea: Have RP Record Post-Debate Answers

As I watched the debate I couldn't help but think that given 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds Dr. Paul would be able to take the uninformed citizen from A to C on issues without having to skip A & B.

What if he were to record a casual and succinct answer to each of the debate questions and link them from the campaign site? If played right he could force the others to reveal their positions.

"Tired of soundbyte debates, canned speeches and candidates dancing around the issues with no specific plans? Listen to Ron Paul's full response to debate questions."

That way when people are like WTF is he saying, it's as simple as sending them to the site, and explaining "real answers and solutions to our problems don't fit into neat little soundbytes"

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mention it during the debate

I think that's a great idea. If he does this, he should comment that the video with the answers will be available on ronpaul2012.com shortly after the debate.

I like this idea

What would they do then say,"These debates are really not worth having I think well just stop having them".

this sort of thing kind of

this sort of thing kind of already exists.. it's called 'liberty defined'

but i do love the idea of specifically going more in depth with the actual debate questions.

the main problem is that many of the questions are so narrow and specific that you're already making 4 or 5 BIG assumptions before you even begin your answer. the biggest example was the immigration question last night. he first needs to deconstruct the question and expose the bias and assumptions made in the question, then explain his stance on the broad topic (immigration) before he can get to the specific answer to that question (should a 5 year old illegal immigrant get healthcare?). his book does a great job of this, but a video response would be more effective.

Yes, Liberty Defined Exists

But...If someone were willing to invest that much time into their decision they would already be Ron Paul supporters. :)

not necessarily true. i plan

not necessarily true. i plan on sharing my copy with as many family/friends as i can. and if i can get them to give a 300 page political book a chance, i have a feeling they might be swayed.

Someone had written what I

Someone had written what I thought was great idea was to have Dr Paul film extended answers to the questions from the debate the night before.

This would help give more profound information to the smaller bites from the debates. We could post them on YouTube and take them viral to help spread the message of Liberty.


Maybe we could use a money bomb to hire Jerry Day to do a professional series of dvd's of Ron Paul and his Platform and a little biography of his life..I know I would buy them :-)

part 1 complete Q&A with answers that get to the bone
part 2 those same answers broken down into brilliant short answers..
part 3 A bio of Ron Paul
extra content= Behind the scenes look at just how awesome and dedicated his supporters are :-)

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Yes, using

the whole ineffectual debate process to his advantage. Maintaining that that kind of venue is not the best to present to the people the serious attention needed to pull this country out of the darkness it is plummeting into.

This isn't a game - who won, who lost. If something isn't done and soon, we all lose.

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Great Idea

I was thinking along those same lines. I think if Dr. Paul were to do this, it would help him convert many borderline voters who are serious about looking at the candidates, but are just not that familiar with Dr. Paul.

Given the proper platform, I think 80% of Americans would agree with Dr. Paul's ideas of liberty and freedom.

That is an excellent idea

I sure hope he does this.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Could be useful.

One of the purposes of the debate formats is to ensure that nobody learns anything of value.

So, a fleshed-out version of the answers could be good.

The problem is that nobody in the mainstream audience is likely to actually spend the time to listen to them.

I've Been Saying Something Like This

He should put short (3-5 minute) professionally-made policy films up on all major topics on his campaign website. He can explain how he's for liberty and not for turning everyone into a heroine-addicted prostitute.



in fact, Dr. Paul should tell the audience that he will have his answers to every debate question on his website because Im sure the American people want to know my answer to every question asked last night.

I like that Idea!

In the opening comments, have him throw it out there.

"My name is Ron Paul..yada yada...My full response to all the questions asked in the debate will be available on my website tomorrow. Don't settle for just the soundbytes you'll be given tonight."

Joη's picture

suggested the same thing a few weeks ago

I agree and hope he'd do it.

Unfortunately it's a "getting someone else to do something" problem, and RP already does weekly Texas Straight Talks, numerous TV interviews, these debates, Tea Party rallies, and Congressional floor speeches, so I bet his answer is "I do enough video".

(and they're no doubt hounding & prepping him about TV ads at the moment)

It's a definite way around the uninformatively designed non-debate style.

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