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Best Synopsis on Debate-Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney Get a Free Commercial, Ron Paul Stands Firm

Last night’s GOP debate conducted by CNN was one of the most controlled events I have ever witnessed. From the onset it became clear that what I was watching was a rigged forum. The establishment candidates were clearly given an advantage. If you would like to know how, I will tell you.

When a candidate like Michele Bachmann or Mitt Romney is being handled and controlled by a third party, they are trained to speak in 30 and 60 second sound bites as their entire campaign is based on a commercial sale. As I mentioned in a previous article I am at present attending a school for radio broadcasting and I have learned that the mainstay of the business is commercial sales. And the slogans and buzz words I witnessed flowing from the mouths of all the candidates except Ron Paul were definitely staged and rehearsed. The very fact that the forum was set up to accommodate this commercialism was obvious.


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This is how it always is, and

This is how it always is, and few notice..BUT Ron was treated well, compared to last time. Someone in the comments was right on. We need to get to WORK. Many will be fooled by this new tactic. It is not obvious to the uneducated, about Ron.

New Hampshire

Let us hope the retail politics practised in NH will turn the tide. When the candidates meet face-to-face, it is much harder to control the field.

Dr. Paul delivered 4,000 babies, so there must be something he can do to win the trust of women voters... that would help.

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