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You should hear what the Judge just said about Ron!

His entire ending speech was about."There was only ONE on stage that..."
Then he said about 10 things that made Ron better than the rest and said he was the ONLY one that was different and knew what it takes to fix everything. I do not know how he got away with that "endorsement" but he certainly did. So all of you who complained..well..it was completely incredible!


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I think it was a hit piece

There are things you raise in the primary and things you raise in the general and this is at least the second time the Judge implied Ron would yank Medicare, not fund it as best possible by cutting funding overseas. That can't be accidental, no matter how enthusiastic his voice while he says it. Similarly, leading off implying Ron actively supports gay marriage rather than saying Ron thinks government doesn't belong in the issue which should be between the religious institutions and individuals involved, is not what you say to GOP primary voters. You say truthfully that Ron would leave it to the states but opposes a federal constitutional amendment defining marriage.

I think this was done to make Ron appear to be libertine and heartless on medicare to conservatives. I'm sure it came from Fox, not the Judge, but the judge went along with it, and this isn't the first time.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

I second this

and said something similar down below.

We've all known

That Judge has been a close friend of RP for a while, but what the Judge has been doing to endorse Dr. Paul is going to have a large (positive) effect as the campaign rolls along. Last time around, he had no one in the media who would give him the time of day. Now you have Napolitano, Stoss, Beck, who have come out and thanked RP for his dedication to the Constitution and countless other programs who have said how much they respect his opinions.

This election is going to look different and for all the right reasons.

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Andrew Napolitano is a Great Judge of Character

No pun intended sunny girl!!


I posted the Letter to the Editor I sent to a dozen newspapers in Nevada, and several in California, about the debate. The statements the Judge makes about Ron are excellent ones to use in YOUR OWN LETTERS!

I'm sure he won't mind! Get writing & wake people UP!

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Frank Luntz, The Focus Group Genius, told one of his

participants s to comment on Congreeman Weiner.."Anthony Weiner is a Bulldog!!, we need him in there."

WTF Frank?? No! No!! that little Weiner is a a Fuc_ing pervert Frank!!

Luntz apparently hand picked this moron from one of the NY's finest trash dumpsters. The guy wanted some food, so Luntz offered him a job on his focus group. Luntz told the guy, "Just do as I say and i'll make you the star of the show..

"Fuck You Frank" got his Phd. in creating 'Fake Focus Groups' for Fox News and for "Snowball" Sean Hannity..

Frank!!!...F. U.

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"The Daily Johnson" by Anthony Weiner


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Ron Paul : "The Peace Candidate Always Wins"..2007

Ron Paul : "The Peace Candidate Always Wins." ~ 2007

I don't get it

No one is surprised by the judge's endorsement of Ron Paul, right? Would you be surprised if Stossel endorsed him too?

These are not only all principled thinkers, they hold liberty as the highest principle, so of course they are going to agree on just about everything.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


New campaign slogan?

Ron Paul: Freedom Wins.

Freedom Wins!

Thanks Judge,

for speaking what we here all know to be true.

It was heard by millions.

Ron Paul is My President


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What a

needed boost to all of us who stand for truth and justice. It was as if he was saying, "yeah, the debates are dog-and-pony shows, let me remove the dross and tell you plainly what was said and WHO said it."

New respect for the Judge...

Thank you for posting.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Is the Judge a real judge?

He sure would make a good team player in the Ron Paul cabinet. Ron Paul needs more and more learned men/women in his camp to help him. I'd like to see them bring in Jesse Ventura in some fashion. Literally, polish him up a bit and turn him loose on the talk show circuit. He's rip O'Riley from ear to ear, and Hannity too. George Punkanopolis wouldn't know what hit him. The campaign has got to use the tools available.

alan laney

Yes he is a REAL judge.

Unlike so many who sit the bench.

You also bring up some very interesting ideas. We definitely need all hands on deck. The ship of state is burning and it is going to take all patriots to save it from sinking.

As a minimum RonPaul2012 needs to hire Jesse as a consultant/organizer/campaign strategist. He beat both establishment candidates once he got in to the general election as an independent.

I personally think that he would make an excellent VP. Put a navy seal on the ticket. The American populace will love it! The PTB will rightfully shake in their boots.

Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul and Napolitano!!

Now THAT's a deadly combination!!

Make it happen!

Frank Lutz, get your liberal communist ass out of the GOP once and for all!!!! I don't want to hear another word about how awesome Karl Rove or Pauly Shore is....YOU FRAUD!!

Send this link

to all your Republican friends. It is so important to for them to feel like they can trust a candidate because they learned about him on FOX news. Sad but true.

Thanks Judge!

I just love "da judge"

SO excellent to send his pieces to my "conservative" family members. Just imagining how uncomfortable and unsettled the judge's opinions make them is worth the effort. They SAY they believe in everything the judge says.... and then he hits them right between the eyes with the logical conclusions they MUST reach......

Ahhhhh..... we have to take our pleasure where we can!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Jdg.Napol & RP, Common Principles.

When hearing Judge Napolitano you will find a lot of similarities to Ron Paul. This is because they both uphold Principles, so you find so much commonality.
Judge is a very qualified person, not just on Constitution, Law, Liberty & personal freedoms, but he knows a lot about Money. In addition to being highly qualified to be Supreme Court Judge, or Attorney General, he can even take over the Treasury and run it justly and efficiently. On the subject of money too his views are similar to that of Ron Paul. It is obvious he has same sources and he has read Ron's writings on the Fed, Gold & money.
Money is to the economy what blood is to the body, they circulate and nourish different parts / organs, & distribute what is required in all sectors, help growth & health. It is a Vital - - -, therefore it$ quality is so important.
Here is a video about Judge's view, teaches on money,


Economy Metaphor

Viewing money as the blood of the economy is brilliant. I feel Dr. Paul needs some simple metaphors to convey his message. This metaphor would have a double meaning because not only is Dr. Paul knowledgeable about the economy, but he is a doctor, so having a biologically inspired metaphor would be very fitting. We should begin a document or pamphlet of simple ways to explain complex subjects and get it to the campaign managers. This metaphor should be at the top of the list!

it$ called "Liquidity",

thank you for your attention & response.
this metaphor or simile has been understood by those in business, bank or accounts, they often use the term "liquidity" for available cash or funds to turn-over in the enterprise. Whenever they are in a tight position they say we have liquidity problems. Lets refer to an economics dictionary, -
Definition: Liquidity refers to how quickly and cheaply an asset can be converted into cash. Money (in the form of cash) is the most liquid asset. Assets that generally can only be sold after a long exhaustive search for a buyer are known as illiquid. http://economics.about.com/cs/economicsglossary/g/liquidity.htm - here you will find many other terms and articles related to Liquidity, e.g. Liquidity Trap, Liquidity Constraint, The Keynes Effect,etc.

The heart is the exchange, or the pump, like a bank. It supplies blood/money to all sectors, has control valves, for
- lungs, to purify the blood & add oxygen.
- brains, use blood in the thinking process.
- muscles, need blood pressure to work or in sports.
- stomach, to help digestions, extract nutrients from food.
- penis, for erection, pleasure, produce seeds = sperm.
- womb, embryo, & umbilical cord, for foetus growth,
Blood is Life, proper regulation is very important. High Blood pressure damages the organs. Low pressure makes all of them under-perform, dulls all organs. There is ex'terra load on the heart if the invisible "mind" puts in it$ demands, then the brain sucks up blood, depriving the other organs. When muscles do not receive blood call it 'unemployment'. When penis is deprived call it impotency, lack of mating, no re-generation.

Bank is similar to a dam, a reservoir of water. When, where or whatever channel water is released it gives life to that plot of earth, & produces vegetation. The bankster's mind riding the brain are creating problems by keeping toooo much for them-$elves, sometimes with-holding or blocking supplies of liquidity, leading to deflation. Usually they push in excess of fakes (water, money from thin-air) and depreciate the quality, i.e. inflation.

This was nice, but sInce it's television, I tend to be cynical.

Maybe Fox let Napolitano give his endorsement so they could turn around and accuse him of an outright bias later. Once that bias is established, his reporting can be trivialized as non-objective.

Also, in keeping with a media-wide trend to sink Ron Paul while appearing to praise him, the "only one" list will hardly appeal to mainstream conservatives: only one will let you marry who you want (conservatives don't support gay marriage); only one will get us out of the wars (uh oh, then the terrorists will get us); only one will get us off Medicare (hits the panic button for some older folks).

Napolitano makes his Judgment

Napolitano makes his Judgment of Ron Paul based on Rons stand for the Constitution. It has nothing to do with wether he likes Ron personaly or not. Accusing Napolitano of being biased is like trying to run up a greasy slope.
He would make them look silly with that argument.

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well, well, we'll take one day at a time and TODAY

I am VERY grateful and pleased with the gift of this whole show from the Good Judge!

(pollyanna -y)

morning bump

for Liberty.

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And the Judge didn't say...

...but should have, "And only Gary Johnson has demonstrated the efficacy of this philosophy for eight years as Governor of New Mexico."

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
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What's up doc?...

I think you took a wrong left turn at Albuquerque.. perhaps you should be hanging out here.. http://www .garyjohnson2012.com/

I'm not here to elect Gary Johnson, and I'm sure that nobody else is either.

This isn't the Daily

This isn't the Daily Johnson.


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LOL..besides, he did mention

LOL..besides, he did mention Johnson favorably twice. I mean, just what more can we ask for than what he did? Loved it.

A whole lotta bumpin' goin' down

Golly, thanks!

Paul/Johnson 2012 -- The CORRECT Change

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america