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Factcheck.org: 6/13/11 Debate Analysis


the title was "What seven candidates got wrong -- and right -- in a nationally televised debate."

They didn't even mention Cain (concluding that he didn't get anything wrong although Factcheck didn't write this) and what they mentioned for RP, was quite minor.

from the article:
Ron Paul Mostly Right on Jobs
Rep. Ron Paul made this stark claim:

Paul: We haven't developed any new jobs in the last decade. Matter of fact, we've had 30 million new people and no new jobs.

And it's true that on a net basis, the U.S. has fewer jobs now than it did a year ago. BLS figures for total nonfarm employment (seasonally adjusted) show a loss of 1.1 million as of May, compared to the same month in 2001. Paul was a little off on the population figures, however. According to Census Bureau estimates, the U.S. population is now 26.5 million more than it was in mid-2001.

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Interesting FactCheck

Nothing major wrong with it. So he rounded his figure up. The point was that we are in deep doo doo and the figures don't lie but the rest of the candidates do.


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