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The euphemism of employment

Let's start out with debt, mortgage, any kind. You "voluntarily" enter into it, willingly or unwillingly and then you find there are things you need, not want, which you use the credit for. I suppose debt becomes debt when its not paid back on the agreed upon due date. At the beginning of the relationship, you may have been gainfully employed & quite able to pay your bills, but then 6 months later, you find yourself unable to do so.
Since we have a fiat-issued currency, any currency we have does not belong to us, initially, it has been given to us by someone else and the original issuer is the gov't. We can not create income ourselves, it has to be given to us, owed to us. So, its ridiculous but true, that when a company expects you to pay them back, or the gov't for that matter, they're saying, you owe us someone else's funds, as if you have access to them! Well, you think, if you do, I can always get a job, there are always want ads in the paper, on the website, at the employment office, whereever. I'll find a job, no worries.
I don't know why you would feel that way. Just b/c jobs are ALWAYS being posted doesn't mean you'll get them, it just means someone will get them. We are led to believe employment will always be available, is always a possibility & therefore, the lure, the possibility of debt is acceptable b/c we know, we believe, we'll eventually get out of it.

I don't know why businesses don't accept anything other than the federal reserve note. They're limiting themselves by not finding a way around it, people are limited in what they can purchase w/ it alone, so they act like they don't want the business of the unemployed, the under-employed, those saving for other things, whatever. If businesses expanded their options and allowed other forms of exchange besides FRNs, THEY would be MUCH BETTER off.
Its good to have optimism, to have a positive attitude, but maybe the federal reserve itself has given us this idea that we will always be employed, always have the possibility of employment.
I question whether debt is voluntarily entered into at all, I believe its very much forced into. You shouldn't let anybody tell you debt is voluntarily entered into, its certainly not like any other kind of voluntarily relationship. And the idea of a job, or employment to pay your bills is just that, an idea.

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We don't own the notes, as

We don't own the notes, as they're a public document evidencing a debt. We're merely lienholders on that debt.

The reason businesses use notes is because of legal tender laws, because banks act under fed policy to process the transaction that requires use of notes, and because taxing authorities only allow payment of taxes in notes.

In theory one could pay a tax or debt in specie, but you would only get face value.. after which the cashier would take out that $50 eagle, drop in a $50 bill, and then take it to a coin dealer and buy notes.

Personally, I would prefer to be paid in appreciating specie and pay the government their taxes due in their own worthless depreciating paper rather than give them something of value.


The debt you refer was voluntary, you entered into a contract.
The contract requires that you return the FRN's you were loaned, it says nothing of money.
Home mortgage, car loan, credit card, etc...are contracts voluntarily created.

Being forced to use FRN's is involuntary debt. Performing labor for steel, copper, cotton, beef,etc...is a voluntary action that dilutes this forced debt, as is living well within ones means.

Toil, save and live free - and ignore your neighbor

One thing we all have in common is owing somebody money

Usually big corporations--USA, inc. included.

"Legal Tender."

Money has value in an of itself. Fiat is decreed to be legal. Please read the promissory note that is oft referred to as, cash. Many mistakenly refer to green cash is if it were....

["The gentleman's time has expired."]

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Don't you mean ["Hmm.. hmph..

Don't you mean ["Hmm.. hmph.. mmm... hmmm"]?