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Herman Cain is TeaParty Favorite.

http ://teapartystraw.info/vote/

Do people really want an insider that actually was the Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank? I mean wow! People believe our government is corrupt but for some reason don't know the answer to the question: What is the root of all evil. That astonishes me. I thought everyone knew the answer to that...

They even have Rand Paul's picture at the top of the page.

Well, I voted Ron Paul in this poll from the TeaParty anyway.

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It's the Teocon Party, not the original Tea Party,

which espoused the message of the Founders. The fools who follow this evolved faux Tea Party, are really following a neo Bolshevik party, which they have transformed the name into NeoCon. In other words, the are backing a Totalitarian Communist party, where there are the elites where laws don't apply, and a class of serfs who have no rights, make no money, and fight wars to benefit their masters vision of world dominance.
I guarantee that if Cain's background is thoroughly searched, you will find the faux libertarian Koch brothers, whose wealth originated by their father's oil field work for Stalin. Do you see the hidden connections?

Cain sounded like a disorganized moron during the debates

and not only that, the audience really couldn't stand him. You could pick up on this just by watching.

teaparty's dying anyway

because everybody is beginning to talk about teaparty issues now. they are becoming indistinguishable.

Herman Cain

is a joke... I can't believe anybody can take this "CLOWN" seriously!!!!!!!!!!

I take it that the circus is in town, cos he's got company!!!

Ron Paul 2012... Time To Fix The Mistake!!!!!!!!

Someone needs to tell Cain

Someone needs to tell Cain that the problems have been looked at and solutions have been devised.

The tea party's been

The tea party's been astroturfed.