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The importance of Fox News' soon to be vacant time slot

As you may or may not know, Glenn Beck's show is coming to an end quite soon (at the end of this month, I believe). A replacement has not been announced yet, but among the possible replacements who have been mentioned is Judge Napolitano. If he could get that time slot on Fox News, it could be huge for Ron Paul's campaign. He supports RP more than just about anyone else in the MSM. The Judge would paint him in a good light every chance he got, and he would be doing it right in front of the exact demographic we need to be trying to convince: the middle-aged and elderly conservatives who get all of their info from Fox News.

We should all start emailing and calling Fox News and expressing our preference of Judge Napolitano for the 5 PM time slot. It would be wise, though, to not mention Ron Paul at any point in your email/call so it doesn't sound like you have an agenda. Just tell them why the Judge is the best person for the job based on his merits alone.

Contact Information:


(212) 301-3000

FOX News Channel
1211 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10036

If you know of any other relevant email addresses or phone numbers (for management especially), please post them.

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It is also rumored that the

It is also rumored that the D-Bag Eric Bolling is in the running as well. That would be horrible for Ron Paul. Hit pieces galore!


Columbus, Ohio


He is indeed in the running. He has subbed in for Beck as well. That's why expressing our preference to them on this is so important. Whoever is in that time slot will be shaping the views of millions of conservative voters. Eric Bolling would be a disaster. The Judge would be a Godsend.

I agree. Great activism post,

I agree. Great activism post, king_nothing!!

Columbus, Ohio

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They've got to get the Judge off FBN

Because the ratings there are abysmal.

I know people are excited that the Judge & Stossell are on Fox Business, but look at the numbers. Very, very few viewers:


40,000 viewers on 6/13 vs. CNN's 2.7 million!

Putting the Judge on FBN is a way to both to appease folks like us, and try to use us to get better ratings for its failing business channel. So it will be interesting to see what Fox does with the Judge. He's the natural choice for Beck's spot, of course. Beck even said so himself.

But it is Fox's actions that will speak louder than any words.

He's the man.


First Olbermann and now Beck, it is has been a good year for freedom. These two have tried their darndest to stifle the message and it is a victory that they are gone from their positions. They can prostrate themselves at other networks and see if they will be accepted.

Hopefully, it will even be a better upcoming year lol


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I'm in for this activism!

I am sooooo hoping

for Glenn Beck to slide off into permanent obscurity where he belongs.

I think the Judge would be a good person to fill the time slot.

But my main happiness in all this is getting Glenn Beck off the air.

That would be great, but....

That would be great but, if we don't concentrate our efforts to get all of the Independents and sensible but confused democrats we know re-registered as Republicans, the establishment will give us their chosen puppet again. Plus FIX news and those who run it are for the most part, right wing progressives who are too tied in with the system to ever allow positive coverage for those who want to take away their perceived power structure. Look at their latest non-coverage of Dr. Paul's performance at the fixed CNN debate, or the blatant exclusion of Gary Johnson? Crickets........
No, unfortunately, they would never give the Judge a time slot. Its up to us, like it or not. Encourage everybody you know to actually sit down and read the pocket constitution from cover to cover. Organize. Pass out literature, and the "keep your tips" cards at all bars and restaurants, talk to your acquaintances and point out examples of the corrupt republicrat establishment, teach your family about liberty. Tell them about the book "liberty Defined", register as a republican and vote in the primary. That is all we can do.

Hope and work for the best, prepare for the worst.

Natural choice

Isn't Judge Napolitano the natural choice to replace Beck since he already fills in for him more than anyone else?


this would be fantastic

Great idea. Could you post a link?

Your suggestion is excellent.

Contact information

I've added contact information to my post.




for a good idea!


This would be huge for the freedom movement to have the judge on at this time slot.
The internet is taking over the MSM and FOX is well aware of this.FOX needs the viewers to create revenue.
Not only will Ron save the country but he will also save FOX news.

Rise for a massive mail bomb campaign on Fox News....

We need that 5pm time slot.....No more waiting!!

very good idea.

the tide is turning in our favor.

great idea

great idea