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Tea Party Straw Poll --- Ron getting beat badly.

I just found this poll. We need to call in reinforcements. You know what to do. Please keep this one bumped up until we get the Good Doctor in front!

htt p://teapartystraw.info/vote/

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I did a whois query on it, and the URL was registered yesterday, about 16 hours ago. http://rp12.us/aIUYh

There's NO WAY it could have that many votes within such a short period of time.

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Does the poll work?

Nothing happens when I hit the "vote" button and no results were displayed. OOPS! Never mind. I missed the "submit" box down in the lower right corner.

Current results:
Cain 23% -- 7529 votes
Palin 22%
Bachmann 16%
Romney 11%
Paul 7% --2215 votes
Johnson 6%
Huntsman 6%
Santorum 5%
Pawlenty 4%
Gingrich 1%

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Already voted. One man, one

Already voted. One man, one vote.