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Brent Budowsky (writer of Ron Paul hit piece) has history of aiding Dems involved in banking scandals & protecting CIA agents!!!

Below is the link for the article written by Brent Budowsky entitled, "Ron Paul blows the debate, Bachmann wins big, Pawlenty disappears"


Amazing that the media will just come right out and elect Brent Budowsky (A PRO-CIA DEMOCRAT), who has worked with Congressmen involved in banking scandals to write opinion articles about Ron Paul!!! Of course he hates Ron Paul. This guy has worked to protect the CIA and supported legislators accused of stealing money from the American people through banking scandals!!! WTF. Could it be anymore obvious. Please read below. This is hilarious. You have to laugh or you will cry. See for yourself...

The following information regarding this lying piece of crap Brent Budowsky can be readily found on Wikipedia.

From Wikipedia:

Brent Budowsky
From the mid-1970s to 1990 Brent Budowsky served in senior congressional staff positions including legislative assistant to former Senator Lloyd Bentsen; extensively involved with the Intelligence Identities Protection Act and Intelligence Officers Death Benefits Act, and legislative director to Representative Bill Alexander, then the Chief Deputy Majority Whip.

People that this lying piece of crap has worked for/with:

William Vollie “Bill” Alexander, Jr. (born January 16, 1934) is a politician who represented the U.S. state of Arkansas in the United States House of Representatives from 1969 to 1993, rising to the post of Chief Deputy Majority Whip. He was elected as a Democrat from the 1st District of Arkansas in 1968 and was repeatedly re-elected until 1992, when he was DENIED PARTY RENOMINATION by his former staff assistant and future U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln, in part DUE TO THE HOUSE BANKING SCANDAL.

Lloyd Millard Bentsen, Jr.
(February 11, 1921 – May 23, 2006) was a four-term United States senator (1971 until 1993) from Texas and the Democratic Party nominee for Vice President in 1988 on the Michael Dukakis ticket. He also served in the House of Representatives from 1949 to 1955. In his later political life, he was Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and the U.S. TREASURY SECRETARY DURING THE FIRST TWO YEARS OF THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION.

Laws that this lying piece of crap has helped to create:

The Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982
(Pub.L. 97-200, 50 U.S.C. §§ 421–426) is a United States federal law that MAKES IT A FEDERAL CRIME FOR THOSE WITH ACCESS TO CLASSIFIED INFORMATION, or those who systematically seek to identify and expose covert agents and have reason to believe that it will harm the foreign intelligence activities of the U.S.,[1] TO INTENTIONALLY REVEAL THE IDENTITY OF AN AGENT whom one knows to be in or recently in certain covert roles with a U.S. intelligence agency, unless the United States has publicly acknowledged or revealed the relationship.

Could it get any richer??? Could they possibly find anyone more corrupt and full of malevolent intentions to write about the Champion of the Constitution??? Might as well have Henry Paulson write his opinion of Ron Paul after the next debate!!! WTF!!!

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The article sucks, but

Boy are the comments good. I hope he reads his own comment section!

Jim Rogers

What a surprise....I am so amazed...NOT!!!

Throw a book at 'em, he is done...