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TSA Exercise to cover 5000 miles


They are getting us ready for the cattle cars. Travel is going to become very unsafe.

You are a terrorist for going to visit grandma.


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Got koolade? Mexico/USA war on drugs = tyranny/oppression

"If you’re still living under the delusion that the TSA is just restricted to airports then think again. A joint VIPR “security exercise” involving military personnel has Transportation Security Administration workers covering 5,000 miles and three states, illustrating once again how the TSA is turning into a literal occupying army for domestic repression in America." ~article

And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”

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$14.3 Trillion and Rising. How can we afford this "House" Rep?

Due to the 17th Amendment, we don't have the power in the House we are supposed to, but we can reclaim it if we understand it. Screw the Senate. Focus on your "House" Rep every time one of these things hits the news. Spending originates in the House, and that is where the People's power resides. We gotta stop this Federal train wreck.

Undo what Wilson did

If the government is looking for a flashpoint...

they couldn't find a better one.

They need to cut this out before someone gets hurt.

This is what

you people bought with your allowing the gov't lie about 9/11 to go unchallenged, and to fester and create these Hitlerian agencies under the false premises of lies.

well said BigT

...gradual "boiling of the frog".

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

9/11 ? More like Deja Vu

We were taught, back during the Waco massacre that when a big ugly bulldyke named Janet brings out the military, black helicopters and the surveillance aircraft, that we should lick her jackboots or be we will be slaughtered.

This new and improved Janet NAZI bitch is only here to help save us from the bad people, which are now everywhere.

You are with the Janets, or you are with the terrorists.

Whether it's hands down your pants or tanks in your church...


"This is not an assault."