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Ron Paul setting Newt's Agenda!

I heard a bit of an interview with Newt on the Neal Boortz radio show this morning. Newt was calling for an audit of the FED and the possible firing of Bernanke.

Also, in this morning's Atlanta Journal and Constitution the first depiction of Paul in a political cartoon that I can remember. All of the Republican candidates at the debate calling for bigger tax cuts: http://blogs.ajc.com/mike-luckovich/

Here it is from Lew Rockwell's Political Theatre:

'Little Newtie Boy'
Posted on June 15, 2011 by Lew Rockwell

Writes Bob Gentile:

I can't believe what I just heard. Gingrich on the Boortz show (I listen to him because I'm constantly amazed that one person knows so little about what he talks about --- and calls himself a "libertarian". A real fool.)

But Gingrich is on his show talking about how "the elite media in Washington are against me". Then he starts talking about Bernanke and Geithner, sounding as if he grabbed Ron Paul's notes. My, my, little Newtie Boy, a fraud since day one, now wants us to believe he wants to know where all that fiat money went that Bernanke sent to countries like Libya.

You couldn't write this stuff.

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Did anyone else notice

that during the debate a few of the answers given by other candidates were actually in support of Paul by name? Hmmm


Pawlenty referenced Paul at least four times that I recall!

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He said on Fox News last night that Ron Paul was right all along in calling for an audit of the FED.

So next Ron Paul was right all along on

Fill in the blank!