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New DP Feature Needed; Top 10: Introduction to Ron Paul and the DP

We need a Top 10 List.

The fabulous video on plunder is already on page 2 because of all the post-debate news.

We should have a DP Top 10 with the best of the best threads and videos for ready reference. It might include the thread about who we are, why we're here, plus some of the best of the best news clips, debate responses, and conceptual materials like the plunder video.

Now that I think about it, we ought to have a Top 10 for each forum category.

I'd be willing to pitch in a bit to pay someone to make it happen--I realize it's easier said than done!

We could even periodically update the list via votes with FRN's paid to support the site.

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well...here's the top 100 posts

as currently voted:


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