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+++ 9 Truths for 2012 +++

1-Time is a scarce resource, and giving it for Ron is often harder than giving money. To not focus, is to squander.
2-Polls are mostly accurate. RP hovers around 9% among likely GOP primary/caucus voters, give or take.
3-Nothing matters more than top-4 finishes in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.
4-If Ron can gain 1 in every 10 voters who cast ballots in NH’s DEMOCRATIC Primary in 2008, (and holds on to his base), he will garner 46,000 votes and should place 3rd.
5-Last time in South Carolina, 3.6% for Ron. Lots of work there.
6-Anti-war republicans, civil liberties republicans…they are the low-hanging fruit Ron plucked in ’08. Whole orchards of non-republicans are out there, waiting to be swayed by Ron’s other views. Know where to pluck.
7-If your meet-up group sucks, change it or leave it. See Truth #1.
8-Delegates matter, but Truth #3 comes first.
9-Watch cable news and listen to talk radio as much as I do and it’s a fact that, since ’08, RP’s media appearances have outpaced Romney, Pawlenty, Bachman, virtually all his rivals. “Who is Ron Paul?” is no longer the message. It’s more like “What can Ron do for you?” in 2012; protect the value of your dollar; bring your military family and friends home from all over the world; get the TSA out of your shorts, etc.

Anything I missed, add yours.